Arbnora Aesthetic Clinic is a modern beauty brand, founded by Arbnora Bushi. The brand and techniques, developed by Bushi, have quickly become some of the most recognised among Finland’s beauty industry.

Located in the heart of Helsinki, Arbnora Aesthetic’s services include high-quality aesthetic treatments, special facial treatments and permanent make-up. In addition, Arbnora Aesthetic provides online training for beauty professionals.

When she was a child, Bushi loved playing with her mother’s make-up. That, along with fashion, became her channel for self-expression, and that is why, after graduating as a practical nurse, she decided to set up Arbnora Aesthetic.

Arbnora Aesthetic Clinic: High-end beauty treatments in the heart of Helsinki

The first clinic was opened in the summer of 2021 and, very quickly, it has managed to build a name for itself. As a true testament to their high quality, Arbnora Aesthetic’s treatments are now among the most recognised and respected in Finland among industry professionals, as well as customers, including numerous Finnish public figures and influencers.

Arbnora Aesthetic offers clients a number of high-end beauty treatments, including Arbnora Aesthetic’s own techniques, created by Bushi. The treatments are done using the best products and technologies in the industry. “I do not compromise on the quality of my services; I only offer the best to my customers. Before the treatments, we offer all clients a consultation with our cosmetologists to assess their skin’s needs,” Bushi explains.

Among some of the clinic’s best-known treatments are the Arbnora Signature Lip and HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound) facelift without surgery. According to Arbnora Aesthetic, HIFU is the most effective facelift without surgery, using high-frequency ultrasonic energy. Bushi’s team have created their own AAC – HIFU 5D FACELIFT machine, sold to aesthetic salons worldwide. The team also provides training for the use of the machine.

Bushi is in the process of growing her business, and there are plans to open a new Arbnora Aesthetic clinic in the near future. She has also expanded her entrepreneurship to the construction industry, and recently set up Eleven Rakennus Oy.

“Success in the beauty industry requires you to stand out. My staff are highly qualified, and we strive to be the best by constantly developing our methods to provide the best for our customers. I wanted to create a business that looks like me, and my signature treatments are something I am very proud of,” Bushi concludes.

Arbnora Aesthetic Clinic: High-end beauty treatments in the heart of Helsinki

Middle: Arbnora Bushi’s team has created their own AAC – HIFU 5D FACELIFT machine. HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound) is used to achieve a facelift without surgery.


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