"Your rainbow panorama" på taget af AROS i Aarhus. Olafur Eliasson kunstværk en cirkelformet 150 meter lang og tre meter bred rundgang udført i glas i alle spektrets farver. Værket har en diameter på 52 meter.

Hovering like a halo over the rooftops of central Aarhus, Your rainbow panorama has been the new iconic landmark of the city’s skyline for the past three years. Whether gleaming in the rays of the afternoon sun behind the stern grey marble city hall tower or illuminated like a beacon over the dark silhouettes of buildings at night, the circular glass structure is visible from every part of the City of Smiles. The artwork is the creation of the famous Dano-Icelandic artist Olafur Elíasson, and it spans the entire roof of ARoS – the Aarhus Art Museum.