The charming Ateljee Hulmi is a space for artists, goldsmiths and sculptors who use organic materials and traditional crafts, open for the public to enjoy.

Ateljee Hulmi is located in an 1888 brick-built farmstead in the picturesque town of Loimaa, south-western Finland. In 1987, the steading was converted by renowned architect Antti Pirhonen into studio spaces. Today, it’s also home to the headquarters of the Loimaa-Seura preservation society.

Elina Haukka is the owner of Ateljee Hulmi, master craftsperson and artist-in-residence. “Our mission is to create and promote art as it reflects nature, bringing it to more people,” she explains. “My designs use Finnish stones as well as silver and bronze. Everything is handmade or by casting. I take inspiration from my surroundings; the river gives so much, as does the granite.”

Ateljee Hulmi: A modern Finnish artisan keeping tradition alive

Left: Elina Haukka at work. Right: Alpo Jaakola, LADY.

Among the glittering array of gemstones to be found are amethyst, jasper and smoky quartz. “One of my favourites is smoky quartz – there are holes in the granite that can be filled with smoky quartz crystals,” says Haukaa.

Particularly masterful is the award winning collection of silver jewellery inspired by the river. “It represents our river Loimijoki and the way it flows from its source in Sieppala to the falls of Hirvikoski. A lot of my inspiration also comes from trees and leaves. I love their infinite uniqueness,” says Haukka.

Ateljee Hulmi also takes private commissions as well as offering stone polishing. Visitors are always welcome to observe the artistic process. Beyond its focus on jewellery, the company represents a diverse community for art and culture. The Ateljee Hulmi Art Loan Company is a key part of the studio. It features Finnish artists, including Outi Heiskanen, Katja Hannula and Klaus Kopu.

However, perhaps among the best known is Alpo Jaakola, a prominent member of the Finnish surrealism movement. Jaakola is also known as the Shaman of Loimaa and many of his humorist sculptures can be found in the nearby Alpo Jaakola Statuary Park.

The gallery regularly updates exhibitions and works are available for sale as well as loan. “We warmly welcome everyone interested in art and design inspired by nature,” concludes Haukka. Ateljee Hulmi is a true house of art – worth a visit whether you are an enthusiast or a collector, or perhaps both!

Ateljee Hulmi: A modern Finnish artisan keeping tradition alive

Silver bracelet from the River series.

Instagram: @ateljeehulmi
Facebook: ateljeehulmi

Address: Hulmintie 8, 32200 Loimaa, Finland tel: +358 40 867 2624

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