Since opening in 2016, Beauty Medical has become one of the top beauty clinics in Norway, with a months-long waiting list and practitioners eager for the opportunity to spend just a couple days working at their clinic in Oslo. This is an enormous achievement for founder Sandra Romano, a single working mother who only five years ago was paying her patients to be able to practise on them, and whose inimitable spirit lies at the heart of the clinic’s success.

The road to running one of the top beauty clinics in Norway hasn’t been easy for Sandra Romano. Starting with a difficult and unusual childhood, she became, at a very young age, a single mother only a year after giving premature birth to her son, who was born with a rare premature illness. It was her fight for the health of her son that led to her initial training to be a nurse – but working shifts with a sick son and student loans quickly led her to change tack, only months after finishing her education.

Beauty Medical

Owner Sandra Romano, key opinion leader for MINT PDO, teaching thread lifts.

Sandra achieved remarkable success at a series of companies over the following few years, where she set multiple records in terms of both sales numbers and her speed in being promoted to leadership positions, as well as achieving feats like putting together a team of 435 people over four months, speaking to thousands of people at venues like The Globe in Stockholm, and working as head of sales at four different companies simultaneously, alongside work in product development.

This experience proved invaluable when she shifted her focus back to beauty, the passion of her youth. A natural-born entrepreneur, she started a massage studio with her best friend at seven and started working as a nail and lash technician aged only 14. As an adult, she used her nursing training to become an aesthetic nurse, taking over 40 additional courses. “When I started in 2015, I had to pay my first patients to practise,” she admits. Now she has a months-long waiting list, and has treated over 6,000 patients, including celebrities like Triana Iglesias and Sophie Elise.

“I think the reason people want to come to us is, firstly, the results we deliver. When you go on Instagram, you see natural results where you can’t see what’s been done, but simply that you look fresher,” says Sandra, adding that there’s an authentic glow that isn’t easily achieved. “We’re not just here to empty wallets and fill lips; we’re here make you feel like a diamond.”

Celina Romano, assistant manager and cousin to Sandra, adds: “Not only do we get good results, but we have a nearly perfect five-star average customer rating. In addition, we work exclusively with top-range products.”

Beauty Medical

Left: Sandra Romano doing a thread lift procedure. Right: Sandra Romano and Celina Romano.

This includes products such as Juvederm, which Celina jokingly refers to as “the Rolls Royce of fillers”. Their commitment to only using products of the highest quality has brought them the attention of top suppliers like Allergan Medical Institute, who they met with the day before our interview to share some of the secrets of their success as a clinic.

Among the secrets is not just in Sandra, but the whole Beauty Medical team, who enjoy a unique camaraderie. “We have a brilliant team,” Sandra gushes. “And the true success of a company is that everyone looks forward to coming to work.”

She boasts that they have had zero requests for sick days and that employees that have moved on often come back having raved about how much they miss working at Beauty Medical – and this reputation has also resulted in a large pile of job applications for Celina to work through.

“We all originally became nurses to help people, and there are other ways of helping people too,” says Sandra, and this aspect of their work is central to their practice. “We do so much more than just big lips,” she emphasises.

Although beauty treatments such as lip fillers are what the industry is most famous for, and indeed it remains the practice’s most popular treatment, they also offer treatments for such problems as excessive sweating, correction of hyper-pigmentation, acne scarring, and more. “These are issues that we address every day that meaningfully improve people’s quality of life.”

Sometimes, this also means refusing clients: “We’ve become very good at spotting the people who are simply hurting and just need some love, and we address that right away: lift them up, shower them with lots of love, and tell them how great they are,” says Sandra.

The attention to quality and positive mindset is also a key part of the courses in aesthetic medicine that Beauty Medical runs. Sandra isn’t just dedicated to her own practice, but also to improving the standard of the entire industry, especially considering how difficult she found it to get her start. “Everyone was very arrogant, and no one took me seriously,” she says. “I knew I had to change things.”

Now, Sandra runs her own courses in collaboration with medical agencies PBSerum and MINT, which are attended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists, medical doctors, dentists and aesthetic nurses. She was also one of the first 30 people certified by NORFEM – the Norwegian Organisation for Quality Within Aesthetic Medicine – demonstrating her commitment to teaching aesthetic medicine at the highest level, and to safety in her treatments.

Beauty Medical

Left: Team Beauty Medical in thread lift uniform. Top right: Sandra Romano, lecturer and course leader at PBSerum Medical Advanced with a full auditorium. Bottom
right: Founder and owner Sandra Romano.

Beauty Medical’s medicine courses also focus on the business side of running a beauty clinic, and Sandra’s early success in that regard is evident here. “I love sales, but for many, sales are tricky, and that’s why they don’t succeed. But it’s all about mindset here, too, and when you think that instead of just selling a client a product, it’s about helping someone, then it doesn’t feel like a sale – and that’s when you clinch it,” Sandra reflects.

“I think a lot of people feel inspired by our courses thanks to the ‘you can do it’ spirit Sandra brings,” says Celina. “There are some people who have that extra gift that leads to achieving your dreams, and Sandra has that.”

Sandra now teaches all over Norway – and among Beauty Medical’s next steps is branching into Sweden. They are not particularly interested in opening new branches of the actual clinic, however. “We want to focus on quality and keeping our vibe, and we know that if we expand and bite off more than we can chew, that’s when we lose that,” Sandra explains.

Beauty Medical

Left: Sandra Romano doing a thread lift procedure. Right: Juvederm fillers.

Beauty Medical is very active on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok – another credit to their success. Morever, they have an online shop selling high-quality products from Zo Skin Health, Noon Aesthetics, Meline and PBSerum.

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