No matter where you’re from, you or someone you know have likely experienced the growing social problem that is bike theft. With BikeFinder, those days of spending heaps on a new bike or mindlessly scouring the marketplace for your lost ones are over.

Bike theft is growing, both on a small scale and as part of large-scale organised crime. It is a highly profitable, low-risk crime, with almost 90 per cent of all bike theft cases in the UK over the last three years being closed without identifying a suspect, and only 1.7 per cent resulting in a charge. This is where BikeFinder comes in.

BikeFinder: Bike the summer away without any worries

Tracker installation.

Launched in 2019 after four years of development, BikeFinder is the world’s first bike tracker. “The idea came shortly after Find My iPhone. Since then, we’ve established our company in Norway, developed and launched our product and software, and slowly made our way out into the world. Today, our products can be found in 32 different countries across the world,” says CEO and manager Birgitte F. Sunde.

First and foremost, BikeFinder is a software company. Along with the actual tracker, there is an app and a software platform to help the owner locate their bike. “It gives people the freedom to ride and lock their bikes wherever they please without the fear of theft,” says Sunde. “Using multiple state-of-the-art tracking technologies including GSM, GPS and Bluetooth, the tracker not only locates but detects and alerts you if anyone is touching your bike.”

BikeFinder: Bike the summer away without any worries

Tracking in nature.

In case of theft, customers alert BikeFinder which guides them every step of the way, while also working closely with the police to ensure that the bicycle is safely returned to its rightful owner. 75 per cent of all bikes reported stolen to BikeFinder are found again.

“In some cases, one tracked stolen bike can lead police to several, often part of organised crime where the perpetrators will steal, dismantle, and ship bikes out of the country for resale,” says Sunde. “Police in several countries, including Norway and the UK have used our trackers to stop organised bike theft, and we’re proud to make their jobs easier.”

Sunde reports that though the demand for such a product has always existed, it has completely taken off after the pandemic. BikeFinder, once a small, Norwegian tech company, is leading the global market. “But there’s more to come,” says Sunde with a secretive smile. “I can’t say too much, but we will be launching some interesting product news at Eurobike this summer.”

BikeFinder: Bike the summer away without any worries

Bikefinder in handlebar.

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