O ne of the biggest risks in today’s board work is having confidential documents ending up in the wrong place. The digital tool BoardPlace prevents this from happening, and also makes board work easier and more structured.

The careless way in which many boards handle confidential material represents a massive security risk, according to Jakob Scharf, former PET boss and current director at CERTA Intelligence & Security A/S. This is one of the reasons why BoardPlace has made it its vision to make board work more secure. Its digital system eliminates e-mail correspondence completely, and instead, collects and structures all necessary communication directly in the BoardPlace app.

“I still haven’t come across companies with clear rules on which e-mail accounts their board members can use. They just send the information to the e-mail addresses of their board members, regardless of whichever e-mail account they may have. One might have a Hotmail account, which is extremely easy to hack, and another might have a company e-mail address, where his respective company keeps a backup of all e-mails received,” explains Claus Due, sales and developing consultant at BoardPlace. “So you have often confidential information, which is meant for board members only, ultimately accessible to a lot of people.”


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Making board work easier

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which was implemented earlier this year, also presents companies with new challenges. Most board work contains personal information, which, according to the new regulations, can no longer be shared via e-mail.

“Not only is BoardPlace more secure to use, but it also gives you a lot of advantages. You have easy access to key information, you can optimise time management, get a better overview, and it works both online and offline,” Due notes. He adds: “It’s becoming more and more essential to board performance to replace members of the board to suit the task at hand. With BoardPlace, all data is gathered in one place, so it’s easier to get members on board quickly and give them a complete overview. That way, they are able to perform well right away. Using BoardPlace also ensures that data and information created at the board stays at the board.”


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