It’s a new work day and Christina Colour opens the doors to Carbon INK Tattoo. Colours, drawings and ideas are flying around the room as well as in her head. This is the place where art comes to life, and being a tattoo artist is not just a job, it’s a way of life.

Carbon INK Tattoo Studio is a unique tattoo shop, first opened ten years ago, which has continuously grown to become one of the best studios in Norway today.

Christina prepares for a new day. She gets up early, clears her station and meets the clients. The studio is modern and soulful with hints of humour. “The atmosphere in our shop is laid-back, professional and fun. We even have names for our plants,” Christina says.

Carbon INK Tattoo: “We give a piece of our soul to every one of our clients”

At Carbon INK Tattoo you will meet eight tattoo artists with a variety of skills, who specialise in both black and grey, and colour tattoos. They draw custom designs according to any inspiration and desire. In addition, they offer expertise in cover-up and scar-covering.

“We have many guest artists throughout the year. They all have different styles, which means that we can offer even more diversity for our customers,” she says. The reason why this studio is so popular is that it was founded by diehard artists and has stayed true to the profession.

Carbon INK Tattoo: “We give a piece of our soul to every one of our clients”

Christina Colour is the leader of the pack and her story started 11 years ago. “I went to the tattoo studio with a friend of mine and the artist got the crazy idea that I should try to tattoo him, right there on the spot.” she says. That day, she found her calling and the journey to becoming Christina Colour began. “It was a very spontaneous experience for him as well, but he definitely changed my life forever,” Christina says.

Carbon INK Tattoo is located in Brumumddal, Norway, around an hour and a half from Oslo. Christina recommends people keep updated on upcoming guest artists and book an appointment early. “A tattoo is something that will stay a lifetime. It’s humbling to be chosen by someone to do that. I don’t think most people realise that we give a small piece of our soul to each and every one of our clients,” she says.

Carbon INK Tattoo: “We give a piece of our soul to every one of our clients”

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