Natural style for the whole family


Who said that children’s bowls have to be gaudy and splattered with commercial prints? CINK’s bamboo-based dinnerware shows that the family dinner table can be both elegant and environmentally friendly.

Frustrated by the array of garish tableware available for children, Elena Holmberg took matters into her own hands and created CINK, a range of hardwearing, gender-neutral bowls, cups and cutlery.

The brand’s name is a playful corruption of the French word ‘cinq’, meaning five, and is a reference to the five muted tones in which CINK products are available, each inspired by the beauty of the Österlen countryside and coast. Combined with the range’s elegantly simple design, its natural palette adds a touch of style to family mealtimes. CINK is about more than just aesthetics, however: made from organic bamboo that is recycled from the waste of chopstick production, blended with GMO-free corn starch and 100 per cent food grade melamine binder, and coloured with water-based pigments, CINK dinnerware is also an eco-friendly choice.

The current product range includes mugs, bowls and baby gift boxes — which comprise a mug, a ‘sippy’ cup, a spoon and a bowl — and next year will see the addition of plates and cutlery for older children. In fact, Holmberg explains, CINK’s products are designed to appeal to all ages and are also perfect for picnics and travelling. “Instead of something that can only be used for very young children and then has to be got rid of when they get older, our aim is to create stylish, hardwearing dinnerware, which children love and the whole family can enjoy.”


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