A challenger in the beauty industry, COMIS combines nano-technology with a smart capsule system to simplify the application of skincare products. This includes its first product True Tan: an easy-to-use face spray which brings a glow to skin while nurturing it with natural ingredients.

The transparent and fast-drying formula has a ‘no stain guarantee’; your clothes and sheets are safe as the product contains no trace colouring. The colourless mist is lightly scented without any unpleasant self-tan odour.

“Each True Tan capsule has the optimum amount of liquid to cover your face, neck, chest and hands, delivering a gradual tan with a natural and even result after 24 hours,” say David Lauwiner and Dennis Ericsson, operational founders of COMIS. “Thanks to nano technology the liquid drops are miniscule which substantially improves the penetration of the skin. True Tan has a range of caring ingredients.”

COMIS: The future of self-tan

These include active ingredients Dihydroxyacetone and Erythrulose (both organic), moisturising Glycerin and Aloe leaf extract, cranberry extract to fight free radicals and brighten skin, and vitamin E to boost the skin’s UV barrier. All work together to give a natural result, every time.

“Our aim is to bring great products to savvy shoppers everywhere and to redefine what self-tanning is and who it’s for. We want to show that beauty can be smart and sustainable, and that self-tanning should be a seamless experience for all complexions, genders and ages,” says Lauwiner.

Inspired to help consumers continue investing in quality rather than quantity, COMIS is set to launch more high-quality products for face and body in the future.

COMIS: The future of self-tan

Web: www.comis.com
Instagram: @officialcomis

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