Norway-based clinic and shop Derma Medica is constantly challenging the status quo in the search of better, more innovative ways to help their customers. Even after almost seven years in the industry, the dedicated team is still set on always improving.

After over 16 years of working in leadership in various health organisations, Edyta Hætta started to grow tired. As her 40th birthday approached, she realised that it was time to finally do something for herself, and she started the project that eventually became Derma Medica.

“Originally, I intended to use my education and experience in leadership and as a cosmetic nurse to help other clinics,” explains Hætta, owner of Derma Medica. “I soon realised that my passion was to work with and treat people; I couldn’t just give it up. That’s how Derma Medica went from just a shop to both a shop and a clinic. Today, we’re incredibly proud to have two clinics, one in Oslo and one in Sandvika, in addition to the shop.”

According to Hætta, the Norwegian skincare and cosmetics industry is a conservative one. As a result, the products used in most clinics aren’t always up to the same standard as those used internationally.

“I refuse to sell anything that’s bad for my customers. Take thread lifts, for example,” she says. “Thread lifts are an incredibly popular procedure here in Norway. I’ve personally worked with them before, but something about the procedure rubbed me up the wrong way. After some research and speaking to relevant academics in the international market, I quickly found out that they can have negative effects in the longer-run, including scar tissue. I also don’t believe that the price of thread lifts reflects the results.”

To ensure that her customers only receive the best care, and to encourage the Norwegian market to test new waters, Hætta and the Derma Medica team are introducing the country to new, different treatment alternatives. Her multilingualism and frequent business travels have provided access to a large international market with open doors and endless opportunities.

The future of beauty and cosmetics

In their search to find new treatments for common cosmetic problems, Derma Medica understands that different cosmetic procedures can be stressful and uncomfortable. As such, they also offer pain- and stress-free alternatives to guarantee their customers’ comfort.

“Laser can often be incredibly painful, and even though we offer that, we also offer less painful, yet medically approved cosmetic solutions like NeoCare, Bloomea, La Fontaine and carboxytherapy. These provide similar results to the more painful predecessor and do an incredible job at everything from skin tightening to fat removal.”

In addition to such alternatives, Derma Medica is among the first clinics to offer a range of procedures in Norway and the rest of Scandinavia. This includes the aforementioned procedures and products, as well as Dr. CYJ Hair Filler and mesotherapy, treating everything from scarring and acne to hair loss, pigmentation, cellulite and more.

One of Derma Medica’s goals is to make skincare accessible for everyone. That’s why they also offer a more wallet-friendly alternative, in addition to the Dermapen. “It’s important that our technology is environmentally friendly, customer friendly and accessible, which is why we always look to specialise in newer and better solutions.”

First and foremost a business that helps people

“We’re not the loudest. We’re also certainly not the best at selling ourselves,” Hætta chuckles. “But first and foremost, we’re a business that helps people. Our team consists entirely of medical professionals, and we’re all very passionate about making people feel better. That’s why we’re always honest with our customers, and we will turn away potential customers if we feel that the procedure will do more harm than good.”

Though the beauty market can occasionally be reluctant about sharing, Hætta’s door is always open to other clinics and beauticians. The Derma Medica shop sells all its products and equipment to other fellow professionals and offers classes on how to use it all. “One of our goals is to use our shop to help more hospitals and clinics familiarise themselves with the endless opportunities and alternatives that are out there. We’re more than happy to share!”

Cosmetic procedures are often at the centre of controversial media storms, but that doesn’t worry Hætta. “We put our hearts and souls into helping people become the best versions of themselves, in the healthiest and most professional way possible. That’s why we do years of research and talk to professionals before even considering a product,” she explains.

“Our customers describe us as a humane and safe space, because while we’re professional, we’re happy and joke around with them a lot. we want the best for them, and as nurses, we have an ethical foundation as well as rules and legislation to abide by, and we can’t forget that.”

Derma Medica: The future of beauty and cosmetics

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