Tourists visiting Sweden love shopping. A shopping trip is a perfect way to experience a destination. It gives you a sense of the local people and their culture; you learn about the differences and similarities between the place you are visiting and the place where you live.


Sweden has plenty of unique products to offer, including food, design and fashion, all of which give you the opportunity to enrich your travel experience as a visitor to Sweden. An extensive range of shops, shopping districts and products await you when you visit our country.

What’s more, Sweden is a global leader when it comes to innovation, with a highly skilled workforce and sophisticated consumers. Let the staff in our shops give you a helping hand with their expert recommendations. If you are looking for truly personalised service, many department stores offer the option of enlisting a personal shopper who can help you track down just the style you are looking for.

No doubt you are already familiar with some of Sweden’s many well-known retail chains – IKEA, H&M and new rising stars such as iDeal of Sweden and Babyshop. Take the opportunity to discover even more up-and-coming chains during your trip to Sweden.

The Swedish Trade Federation, representing retailers in Sweden, would like to take this opportunity to bid you welcome as a visitor to Sweden and to the Swedish shopping experience.

Left to right: © Gavle Design | Karin Johansson, CEO of Swedish Trade Federation © PMAGI AB

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