Every time I have the honour to speak to foreign groups about Swedish companies and the Swedish sustainable and innovative ecosystem, I get the same wow reaction. The wow was confirmed the other week by a tweet from Anand Mahindra, chairman of the Indian conglomerate Mahindra Group, which said “Sweden’s population is less than 11 million. Half of the Mumbai Metro region! Yet this tiny country has created iconic global corporations like Ericsson, Volvo, Saab and even Spotify through cutting-edge innovation. What’s their secret?”

The answer? Swedish companies are at the cutting-edge of change in energy, green batteries, transport, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Business Sweden has a unique purpose helping Swedish companies internationalise and find new markets – and supporting international companies in investing in Sweden. This assignment is constantly inspiring given the unprecedented demand for solutions, technology, and expertise needed to be competitive in the green transition.

Doing good is good for business


Being sustainable is no longer just a matter of doing good for the sake of the planet and coming generations. It is a matter of doing good for business and shareholders. Consumers, investors and legislators will not accept anything but the best when they make their informed decisions on what to buy or where to put their money. And in small, under 11-million-strong Sweden, there is a surprising number of mould-breaking, disruptive technologies that are leading and changing the world.

Doing good is good for business


With offices and local teams in over 40 markets worldwide, we use our networks and knowledge to connect new tech from Sweden with markets around the world. Partner with us and we will help you with everything from strategic advice to practical resourcing and sales assistance as you expand.

– Jan Larsson, president and CEO of Business Sweden

Doing good is good for business

Jan Larsson, CEO of Business Sweden. Photo: Felix Wallsten, Business Sweden

Web: www.business-sweden.com

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