Dunkers Kulturhus is a museum and a hub for free-thinking creativity, as inspiring as the playful sea outside its windows. Here, you can enjoy art exhibitions, music, theatre and dance performances, as well as modern architecture.

Helsingborg is a great place to visit, with small alleys and cobbled streets, incredible architecture, and world-class culinary and cultural experiences. Located by the north port, the city also has its own museum and art hub. Dunkers Kulturhus was named after businessman Henry Dunker, whose father founded the famous brand Tretorn in 1891. After his death, Henry’s fortune was donated to a foundation dedicated to developing the cultural scene in Helsingborg.

Dunkers Kulturhus was designed by the Danish architect Kim Utzon and inaugurated in 2002. The 16,000-sqaure-metre building houses exhibitions, concerts, theatre and dance performances, as well as a school for art, music, media, dance and theatre for kids aged up to 19 years old. “It’s important for us to attract children and young people, so they can meet art in a playful and simple way, but we also have plenty of exhibitions for adults,” says Gunilla Lewerentz, director of Dunkers Kulturhus.

Dunkers Kulturhus: A playful hub for art and creativity in Helsingborg

From Yoshio Nakajima – Travel with the Sun. Photo: Dunkers Kulturhus

Not to be missed this spring

Until 12 March, visitors can see the beautiful exhibition Yoshio Nakajima – Travel with the Sun. The celebrated Japanese artist was born in the small village of Kawamoto, became an active member of Tokyo’s legendary avant-garde art scene during the 1950s and ‘60s, and today lives and works in Helsingborg. His earlier pieces capture Japan’s post-war era, with the aftermath of the atomic bomb, the threat to the earth’s environment, and the rapid urbanisation of the country.

Another fascinating display is Ralph Nykvist – The Photographer of Photographers, on show until 30 April. “Nykvist is a well-known international street photographer, but perhaps less known by the Swedish audience,” says Lewerentz. “He finds everyday motifs on walks in cities such as Paris, London and New York. His images are characterised by this special ability to see and capture the unintentionally comic in everyday life.”

And for music lovers, Lewerentz recommends Helsingborg Guitar Festival, which takes place from 16 to 19 March: “Over four days, talented Swedish and international musicians will take to the stage, including Jojje Wadenius with jazz trio GEJOMA, Anabel Montesinos, Sofia Karlsson and Jonathan Kreisberg Quartet.” The festival programme also includes master classes, clinics and workshops.

Dunkers Kulturhus: A playful hub for art and creativity in Helsingborg

Photo: Dunkers Kulturhus

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