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For 15 years, Edblad has been synonymous with clean-cut, elegant Swedish jewellery design made of signature stainless steel from hand-drawn sketches. Adding a brand-new line of handbags, scarves and accessory details in 2019, the brand is breaking new territory – all while encouraging and empowering women to be themselves.

Founded on the vision of providing all women with accessible everyday luxury, Cathrine and Hans Edblad founded their eponymous brand in the northern archipelago of Stockholm in 2006. Succeeding in marrying their unmistakably sleek design with an affordable price point, they have gone on to build an accessory brand steeped in beauty, durability and wearability. Today, Edblad is a cross-generational favourite among Swedish women. “Our brand appeals widely and suits many, which shows in our customer base. Mothers, 15-year-old daughters and older women all appreciate Edblad with the same affinity, which is a rarity on the market,” says marketing director Sara Althini.

Throughout the design process and across collections, Edblad finds inspiration in strong women. “With this summer’s collections, we want to encourage our customers to dare to be themselves and project confidence with their look,” says Edblad co-founder and head designer Cathrine Edblad. “We want our jewellery and accessories to be a way to enhance one’s personality,” she says. Beyond this ambition, each season of Edblad’s products will feature a piece of the designation Helping Hands – a selection of jewellery intended to help those in need. The 2019 piece, the Me Bangle, will support Roks – the national organisation for women’s shelters and young women’s shelters in Sweden.

Expanding their core portfolio with a line of handbags, silk scarves and novel bag accessories such as changeable straps and charms, Edblad is manifesting itself as a versatile quality-accessory designer on the Swedish design market. “Jewellery and accessories serve a similar purpose,” says Althini, highlighting that each piece is made with unique, hand-drawn patterns and designs, in tune with Edblad’s design DNA. “This line is launched in response to strong customer demand, and I think that’s what makes it so special. We’ve answered a call for an expanded range, and now there are new ways for our customers to enhance their personal style. That’s exactly what we want to accomplish as a brand.”

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