Waste collection is a big part of society and something we don’t usually consider as we go through life. However, more thought and knowledge into how this system works might eliminate the problems we see with waste collection altogether. At least, this is what Envac is working towards.

“We want people to be more aware of how waste collection works and how smarter systems can do more than just remove bags of waste from the streets,” says Mikael Pernheim, sales director at Envac.

Make room for greener streets

Envac is a waste collection solution company founded in Sweden. Their mission is to implement smart and sustainable solutions that will help cities become more efficient and beautiful. Their waste collection system is built underground, which means no more smelly bins or large and noisy trucks blocking our streets. Their system is designed to improve recycling levels, give room for greener streets, and generate less emissions than our current system.

Pernheim explains further: “imagine what an underground solution could do to our streets. We could use the space for trees, flowers, benches, or bike racks.” With Envac’s system, residents dispose of their waste at designated collection stations. These stations are clearly marked for the effortless separation of recyclables, household and food waste. Then, bags can be dropped accordingly and will travel safely through the underground. “We want it to be as easy as possible for the users. An easy way to encourage a behaviour change which will ultimately lead to a more sustainable future,” says Pernheim.

Encouraging good habits

With Envac, it’s easy to track good habits. Envac has designed a digital tool featuring an app and videos, which gives advice on your waste, recycling, and other measures to help the environment. “This tool will both encourage good habits and make it easy for people to get involved. You can see where your nearest inlet station is located, how you can dispose of all your waste, and what you and your neighbours are doing together to improve your area. Or you can, if you’d rather, compete with them to see who’s doing a better job,” laughs Pernheim.

Cities are home to 50 per cent of the world’s population, whilst only covering 2 per cent of land. To secure a greener planet for future generations, it’s clear that waste systems need to be improved.

Envac: Smart and sustainable waste collection – the way to secure a greener planet

Web: www.envac.se
Instagram: @envac_official
LinkedIn: Envac Group

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