Finland-based agency Ethica comprises highly skilled experts who inspire and guide companies to succeed in regenerative growth with a circular-economy-based business strategy.

Ethica founders Paula Fontell and Anne Raudaskoski have over a decade of experience in sustainability and circular economy. “When we founded Ethica ten years ago, we knew circular economy was going to have a huge impact. But it’s only in the past three to five years that we have seen a tremendous interest in the topic among businesses,” says Fontell, CEO.

Today, Ethica works across diverse industries spanning fashion, cosmetics, electronics, construction products and beyond, helping businesses to build a concrete roadmap for designing and delivering new kinds of products and services.

“We have close ties to out Nordic neighbours, and we are part of the Nordic Circular Hotspot – a collaboration network of circular economy experts and frontrunner companies in the Nordic countries. In addition to currently running a national Circular Design Program for businesses in Finland, we’ve provided circular-design consulting for a major consumer electronics company in Germany and given speeches about circular economy in Beijing and in Africa. Circular economy is a global issue and need,” says Fontell.

In practice, circular economy provides the framework and practical tools for doing business that can tackle the big challenges of our time. “To move to a circular economy, you need a systems-level change. You need a well-functioning value chain. We can help businesses to restructure their whole chain,” says Fontell.

Ethica: Designing paths to circular futures

High-quality recycled textile fiber – Infinna™ for circular fashion designs (Photo: Infinited Fiber Company)

Ethica supports their clients in getting started and in implementing the new processes in practice. “We can help companies create their circular economy strategies, plan the necessary collaboration networks, and advise on the actual product or service design. The most important starting point for any company is to establish a common understanding of what circular economy is about and the possibilities it offers.”

One of Ethica’s first projects was the Relooping Fashion Initiative, aimed at designing and piloting a closed-loop circular textile ecosystem in Finland. “We started the project together with VTT, Technical Research Center of Finland. VTT piloted a new chemical fibre-recycling technology during the project. The Inifinited Fiber Company was created and has since been very successful. It was a very impactful project.” says Fontell.

“Consumers want more sustainable choices. Circular design can provide that. If you want to be a frontrunner and differentiate yourself in the market, now is the time to do it. With the Green Deal and the Sustainable Products Initiative in the EU, very strong policies are also driving the change,” says Fontell.

Indeed, green transformations will happen sooner or later, and if a company wants to be future fit, operating differently will soon become a necessity.

Ethica: Designing paths to circular futures

Lighting solutions provider Helvar is exploring the possibilities of circular economy (Photo: Helvar)

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