Do you remember the childhood joy of holding a shiny, colourful balloon? And the awe of watching the little bright dot disappear in the sky as it flew away?

That very joy has now become something of a popular trend. Fuelled by viral videos on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the Norwegian balloon business is booming. What used to be a small, niche product has grown so much, that people have taken to celebrating landmark festivities, like the baby-shower and the gender reveal, via confetti-filled balloons.

Fargerike Drømmer: A Norwegian balloon-boom

Decorator and wholesaler

“We’re akin to the flower industry. Balloons are a great way of filling large spaces and go well with any sort of festivity,” explains Monika Kleina, owner of Ballonggrossist Fargerike Drømmer AS. Fargerike Drømmer operates as both a wholesale business – selling balloons B2B across Norway – and a decoration business.

As a wholesaler, Fargerike Drømmer is the sole importer of Italian Gemar balloons to Norway. Kleina herself is a certified balloon-decorator – a qualification that requires insights into aesthetics, technical and practical aspects related to balloons. For those that remember balloons only as a colourful toy for children, Kleina has news. “Balloons are incredibly adaptable and can be personalised in many ways,” she says. “You can put flowers inside or combine balloons with other components.”

Environmentally friendly
And to anyone that might be concerned about the environmental aspects of using balloons, Kleina says: “Plastic and foil balloons need to be treated as regular garbage and we explain to clients that they should pop them and dispose of them properly after use. Latex, on the other hand, is a natural product that breaks down at the same speed as an oak leaf.”

So, do you have a party coming up? Why not elevate it even higher with a balloon decoration?

Fargerike Drømmer: A Norwegian balloon-boom

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