Färgfabriken is the exhibition hall that consistently produces thought-provoking exhibitions, inspiring new ideas in a playful atmosphere. Inhabiting an old industrial building in the area of Lövholmen, the hall and location have been uniquely preserved from redevelopment, with time turning into a hub for artists and creativity.

Since opening in Stockholm in 1995, their unwavering drive to showcase contemporary art, architecture and urban planning have produced numerous exciting exhibitions, and 2022 will be no different. The main act for spring and summer is a retrospective exhibition of Åke Pallarp (1933-2013), a Swedish artist who has brought life and art to public spaces in the most unexpected of ways. For anyone visiting the Swedish capital and its surroundings, the likelihood of bumping into his art is big: the famous interior of the underground station Stadion was created in collaboration with artist Enno Hallek. Altar pieces, film posters as well as a water tower have been designed in his complex, subtle and humorous spirit.

“The exhibition is a collaboration between Färgfabriken and his family. He was an artist who moved between painting, sculpture and architecture and whose creative spirit has had a fantastic impact on our surroundings, which we are honouring in this exhibition,” says Elsa Bladh, project coordinator.

The unique location provides a perfect spot for creative inspiration in the exhibition hall, café and shop, where local artists are frequently represented. The bustling atmosphere is channeled into projects, promoting new ideas and solutions to social problems – simply put, art as a tool for a better future. What’s not to like?

Färgfabriken: Unique place for unique space

Portrait of the artist as a wolf, Åke Pallarp, 1968. Photo: Sture Pallarp

Web: www.fargfabriken.se
Instagram: @fargfabriken

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