Since 1972, FLEXA has designed children’s furniture and interior items that combine Danish design with the highest standards of safety and quality. Sustainability is not even a question; it is part of the company’s DNA. The products are designed to last for generations and bring joy to kids across the globe.

FLEXA was founded in 1972, a time when both parents and schools in Scandinavia started focusing more on child development and the importance of children having their own space where they could grow, develop and be themselves. “The very first product we designed was a flexible bed, which is how the company got the name FLEXA. Our products are still designed based on the idea of flexible children’s furniture that can be reconfigured as the child grows, meaning that our products last a very long time,” says Carsten Dan Madsen, CEO at FLEXA. 

Today, FLEXA has expanded its collection from just beds to include the entire kids’ room, where they focus on three areas: sleep, play and study. “The needs, interests and activities of a child change with age. That is why we decided to focus on sleep, play and study and create furniture that fits into these areas. All our products are designed and developed based on our experience and knowledge of children and their development,” says Madsen.


Sustainability and safety

As a parent, you want your child’s furniture to be as safe as possible. At FLEXA, safety is considered in all details of the products, complying with the world’s strictest safety requirements. Moreover, FLEXA doesn’t use any chemicals in its products, so as a parent you can be sure that they are safe on every level. And not only are the products safe; they are also sustainable.

“Our products are sustainable right from the beginning. We design products that last a lifetime, and they can be used again and again. They have a very long life-cycle, because the quality is so high and the designs so flexible,” Madsen explains.

The production takes place in Estonia, close to forests, and FLEXA plants new trees at the same speed as that with which it uses the materials. All the wood is certified and environmentally friendly.

FLEXA is sold in 50 countries and has 150 shops across the globe.


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