Living in Scandinavia, especially during the winter months, requires modern, solid homes that stay cosy and warm. Crucial to this are windows. For over 70 years in Norway, Førre Vindu has created high-quality, contemporary and functional windows for a variety house- and building-types, making living and workspaces comfortable at any time of the year.

Førre Vindu was started as a family company by developer Bernt Førre after the Second World War. It was a period of great change in Norway. There was a need for new construction, but at the same time, a lack of resources blighted the country after the devastation of war and the Nazi occupation from 1940-45. Timber, for example, was rationed by state authorities. As a result, Førre and his brother which worked at the factory, also owner of the company, used every part of the wood they had.

Førre Vindu placed emphasis on incorporating all materials available in its products and avoiding waste. “At Førre we have frugality and quality at our core,” says chief of sales Kate Elin. The company goal has always been to adapt the products to fit customer needs. The company creates windows and doors for most types of buildings, particularly for private residences like houses and traditional Norwegian ‘hyttes’, or holiday cottages. It also fits apartments and public buildings. As far as possible, Førre Vindu works with local suppliers. This means that the origins of all materials are traceable, and its relationship with its partners is close and strong.

Førre vindu: High-quality construction by a Norwegian company that cares

Modern scandinavian window design.

Committed to local and international communities

Førre Vindu’s windows and doors are designed and handcrafted in Norway and the company still maintains a personal, family-style feel today. In Tysvær in the west of the country, Førre Vindu has 27 employees from a variety of backgrounds. Some have come from higher education to complete apprenticeships, others have moved to the company from various industries.

Førre Vindu plays an active role in its local community, employing and training young people and adults to prepare them for future employment. It also supports several projects in Madagascar – establishing a hotel there – the Hotel Ambalakelv – for example. This project greatly increased local employment, and profits from the hotel go to children’s education in the area.

Førre vindu: High-quality construction by a Norwegian company that cares

Customers both near and far

Førre Vindu’s customers are both local, national, and international. “Many of our customers are professionals in the construction industry. Others are architects or private individuals who want to decorate their homes and apartments independently,” says Kate Elin. “Local customers frequently stop by the office to discuss solutions and choices. We also have customers from all over Norway who come to visit and review their projects. In terms of getting involved in a plan, geographical location is not a problem for us.” Though mainly working in the Nordic region, Førre Vindu has worked with customers as far away as Iceland and Australia.

Various styles and products

Førre Vindu has several product lines. Each includes its own variation of windows, balcony doors, sliding doors, and external doors, and each product is made with several combinations of woods – usually accoya on the outside and oak on the inside. This increases lifespan and durability, while achieving a superior interior design.

Full-depth frames – one of Førre Vindu’s specialities – have proved particularly popular with customers of every demographic. These enormous, strong frames extend all the way from the glass to the inside of the wall. When combined with seating areas built into walls, “the window becomes more of a piece of furniture and is an integral part of the interior design,” says Kate Elin.

Sustainability plays an important role

Sustainability has always been at the core of Førre Vindu. “Our founder Bernt Førre used each piece of wood he had. They did this for financial reasons,” states Kate Elin. “Today it is sustainability in practice.” Leftover materials are ground into chips. They become energy for heating and drying surface treatments. In 2022, an electrostatically controlled painting system was installed. This led to reduced paint consumption by up to 30 per cent. In October 2022, the company gained the Environmental Lighthouse certification. And recently, Førre Vindu prepared their sustainability strategy.

For the company, sustainability work is not a project with a completion date – it is an on-going process. The UN’s sustainability goals are the first thing you see when you enter the factory. As Kate Elin states, “we do not see it as a choice to practice sustainability work or not. It has always been necessary.”

Future goals, hand in hand with the past

For the future, Førre Vindu intends to continue to satisfy its customers’ needs by creating high-quality, useful and long-lasting products. They also prioritise communication with previous customers. “We take responsibility for the products we have already delivered,” says Kate Elin. “It is important to us that our customers have the information they need so that our products last a lifetime.”

Førre vindu: High-quality construction by a Norwegian company that cares

Applying the windows handles.

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