Nestled 625 meters above sea level in Hemsedal, amidst the captivating greeneries and calming air of the Norwegian landscape, lies a hotel and mountain resort like no other. Fýri Resort welcomes guests to kick back, relax, and enjoy the many experiences on offer.

Most city dwellers would never change their residence for anywhere else, still, once in a while, that loud city symphony of car horns and blaring lights might get a bit much. If you find yourself ready to trade the concrete jungle for serenity, silence, and clean air, why not escape to the Norwegian mountains? Fýri Resort is a mountainous haven that lets you enjoy the best of Hemsedal’s quiet and lulling hills, but never allows for a moment of boredom.

Foster creativity, fun, and revitalisation at Fýri Resort

“One of the things that make us unique is our flexibility and the large range of experiences we offer,” says Åsa Lavesson, commercial manager at Fýri and the ESS group.

While Hemsedal has been a tourist destination for many years, Lavesson explains that Fýri Resort, with its many luxurious amenities and warm hospitality, is a unique experience of its own.

“The natural landscape of Hemsedal only elevates the experience of Fýri. While Hemsedal is a traditional winter destination, Fýri is a year-round resort that offers as much fun in the summer as in the winter,” says Lavesson.

“In addition to offering rental possibilities for all the outdoor activities, such as skiing and biking, we have lots of indoor experiences, from the pool and sport club to amazing restaurants and wine tastings. It’s like a fun theme park for adults! It’s the perfect place to kick back and bond with friends or colleagues.”

Foster creativity, fun, and revitalisation at Fýri Resort

Make the Fýri experience yours

Whether you’re the adventurous type or someone who just wants to relax in a peaceful environment, all guests at Fýri Resort are first and foremost encouraged to enjoy themselves.

“One of our main goals is to make sure that each guest leaves here wanting to come back,” says Lavesson.

For those searching for thrilling adventure or physical challenges, Fýri has a sports club that offers everything from mountain biking to golfing. In addition, the summer transforms Hemsedal’s outdoors into a playground for hikers, offering a myriad of trails for both beginners and experienced hiking enthusiasts. The winter similarly offers powder for seasoned pros and eager novices.

“While Hemsedal is traditionally a winter destination, there is plenty to do here at Fýri all year round beyond the classic hiking and skiing,” says Lavesson. “While you’re here I suggest dipping your toes into everything from mountain carting and biking to dog sledding!”

No matter where you find yourself on the resort, whether at the sports club or at the bottom of the ski lift, rest assured that a good treat or refreshing drink is always a short walk away.

“Most of our guests dine at Restaurant Liv, where the cuisine is inspired by the Mediterranean, but should you be hosting a banquet or event, there are also other cuisine opportunities,” explains Lavesson. “In the different bars, guests may enjoy wood-fired pizza, oysters, or cheese plates with their refreshments. Rambler, which is the bar in the Sports Club, serves a weekly fondue inspired by the restaurants in the alps.”

Alongside the culinary experiences and a mean drink, those who long for the resort’s more relaxed activities might enjoy the pool club. On top of lounge beds, bar, snacks, and music, the 1000 square meter pool is the best way to loosen those tense limbs, maybe after a long day on the slopes – or just as a treat.

Indeed, stresses Lavesson, no matter what you’re looking for, Fýri can be exactly what you need it to be, whenever you need it.

Foster creativity, fun, and revitalisation at Fýri Resort

Let your company take over Fýri

Only three hours away from Oslo, for corporations, Fýri offers you and your colleagues a unique opportunity to refresh and revitalise. Start your day with a yoga class, then enjoy a day of meetings in relaxing environments, away from the confines of the city and its loud noises. Take what Fýri offers, then come back stronger and better.

“We specialise in conferences and stays for businesses, and we have conference rooms that can seat up to 460 people,” explains Lavesson.

Bounce ideas back and forth against the stunning backdrop of Hemsedal, and work on team building in the pool, over dinner or over a game of shuffleboard. It’s not only efficient, but also fun.

And if you truly want the opportunity for your business and colleagues to grow together, how about just taking over the whole hotel? Fýri offers large groups and companies the opportunity to get all of the resort to themselves, including its 144 rooms, Roa bar and playground, the LIV restaurant, the pool club, and eight different meeting rooms.

“We can also offer tailored experiences over the takeover period, and there are endless of possibilities to maximise the experience with activities both indoors and outdoors,” says Lavesson.

Foster creativity, fun, and revitalisation at Fýri Resort

While Hemsedal is traditionally a winter destination, there is plenty to do all year round.

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