Volvo, one of the world’s most iconic vehicle brands, is opening what is poised to become Scandinavia’s most comprehensive brand experience centre. Set in the heart of Gothenburg, Volvo’s hometown, World of Volvo will offer a fantastic combination of interactive exhibitions, cultural and corporate events, and high-quality food and service. The centre opens 14 April 2024.

Designed by the Danish Henning Larsen studio, the dazzling, new five-storey World of Volvo is destined to become “a meeting place for a better future”. “Volvo has a very clear vision about the future but is also very proud of its history,” explains CEO of the centre Magnus Wrahme. “With World of Volvo, we are creating a destination where our visitors will be able to experience the true spirit of the Volvo brand.”

From top-class vehicles to premium experience centre – the world of Volvo expands

Created as a joint venture between Volvo Cars and Volvo Group, the centre replaces the old Volvo Museum but will be much more than an exhibition of vehicles. The new exhibition will look not just to the past but also to the future, exploring Volvo’s ambitions for a better world. This might sound a bit grand, but, founded in 1927 and rated the most ethical company in the world (Volvo Cars, 2019), Volvo has the magnitude to pull it off. “We need to provide excellent food and superb service, high-technology events and conference facilities, and an exhibition that is interactive and exciting,” says Wrahme. “But we also want to engage the audience that visits World of Volvo in topics where we feel we can inspire discussions and ideas and highlight issues.”

From top-class vehicles to premium experience centre – the world of Volvo expands

The centre’s new exhibition combines history, interactive technology, and a look into the future.

To do so, the centre will host a programme of cultural happenings and talks as well as corporate events. To facilitate it all, the building comprises a floor of meeting facilities, an exclusive Volvo lounge for private events and customers picking up new vehicles, two restaurants and an event kitchen, classroom facilities, a concert and event hall, brand merchandise, and much more. “As a brand, Volvo is catering towards a very broad audience and so are we – the locals, tourists, corporations, and Volvo’s 45,000 local employees. This will be the heart of the brand for all of them,” stresses Wrahme.

In the spirit of Volvo, the building will be open for everyone to roam freely, with entry tickets or bookings required only for the exhibition and specific events.

From top-class vehicles to premium experience centre – the world of Volvo expands

World of Volvo CEO Magnus Wrahme.

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