Fotografiska is a vibrant meeting place for photography, culinary experiences, inspiration and events. Here, you can see photography and visual art from all over the world, from the most well-known photographers to the new generation of image creators.

“Fotografiska is not your ordinary museum,” says Elin Frendberg, executive director at Fotografiska. “We want to use it as a platform to inspire a more conscious world. From art and photography to the food we serve, it’s been in our DNA since the start.”

Fotografiska’s restaurant is a destination in its own right, with a philosophy based on creating taste sensations and raising awareness around sustainability. It serves well-prepared, tasty, seasonal food, with the best views of Stockholm. In 2021, the plant-based kitchen was awarded a Green Star by the Michelin Guide and named Sweden’s best and most sustainable restaurant by 360° Eat Guide.

In the basement, Fotografiska hosts a hydroponic system for growing salad leaves, herbs and spices. “Our chefs are magicians who play with ingredients and flavours,” smiles Frendberg. “The menus are like tales, telling the story of Swedish produce, and give a glimpse of the future. How can we get a celeriac to taste of pineapple with the help of sea buckthorn? Or a parsnip that tastes of banana ice cream? It’s fascinating!”

Fotografiska: Immersive experience at a house of photography and sustainability

Andy Warhol and NFT art

Currently showing is Andy Warhol: Photo Factory, with more than a hundred photographs from the period 1960–1987. Many are rare and offer an insight into how Andy Warhol used his camera as a visual diary. “The photographs represent his life in New York, with shots of celebrities, lovers and friends,” says Frendberg. “And even though many years have passed since he took the photos, they feel contemporary and mirror the Instagram era we live in today.”

This spring, a new cutting-edge exhibition opens: Somewhere Ethereal. “We’re excited to be the first Swedish museum with a physical NFT exhibition with digital artwork from six of the world’s most famous artists.” Frendberg sums up: “Fotografiska is in constant change and we show a number of different exhibitions at the same time, as it adds to the dynamics, from vintage photography to Andy Warhol to small up-and-coming artists – all in a wonderful mish-mash.”

Fotografiska: Immersive experience at a house of photography and sustainability

Photo: Elina Malm

Fotografiska is open daily from 10am to 11pm.
Andy Warhol: Photo Factory – 25 March to 21 August
Somewhere Ethereal – 29 April to 21 August

Facebook: fotografiskasto

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