GARO is the Swedish company where innovation is built into the DNA. Founded in the Swedish town of Gnosjö in 1939, it is today one of the most reliable players in the electricity and e-mobility industry. Despite a challenging year, GARO has turned the tide, scaling up business with the inauguration of new production and logistics facilities in Sweden and Poland, while also launching the next level of charging solutions for the automotive industry: the GARO Entity Pro and GARO Entity Compact.

GARO is driven by curiosity and an urge to find new and smarter solutions that will benefit the whole of society – from individuals to big businesses. While the last year has presented challenges on all levels for everyone, it hasn’t stopped the company from charging forward and continuing to develop innovative electrical components that will have a true impact on the future of charging.

GARO: A future charged with electrifying possibilities

Charging boxes prepared for the future.

Electrification and E-Mobility

The company consists of two main areas of business: Electrification and E-Mobility. While Electrification – comprising work on electric components, security, installation and product development – is the foundation on which the company was built, E-Mobility – a more recent addition – is meeting the growing demand for electric charging in the mobility industry.

The latest in their fleet of chargers for the automotive business is the GARO Entity Pro, specifically designed for apartment blocks and public spaces, and the GARO Entity Compact, the smaller version made for private homes. Both represent the next generation of smart chargers, made to withstand heat, cold and harsh climates while looking sleek on a house wall or on a bustling city street.

“This launch is huge to us and to the market – it’s created with the future of mobility in mind. It’s prepared to match new technology and functionality that meet standards and rules within the European market. It’s designed to last for a long time and is adaptable to change with regular updates to its software,” says Patrik Andersson, CEO of GARO.

Thanks to the fact that at GARO every stage of production is completed in-house, from design, product development and software development to security and hardware, GARO can control and oversee every aspect of the process, ensuring the high quality and standards that define the brand.

GARO: A future charged with electrifying possibilities

Left: GARO CEO Patrik Andersson. Right: The future is electric.

Non-stop progress

With the promise of consistent innovation and new ideas comes demand for more space to facilitate development and production. The company recently opened a new factory in Poland, where the main production of charging boxes will take place. Concurrently, the company also moved into new premises close to their headquarters in Sweden. The small town of Hillerstorp will be home to the production of customised solutions for power supply and temporary power, and is part of their preparation for continued growth in the future.

“Our physical expansion into new premises is a major step in the growth of the GARO group. We’re not slowing down; quite the opposite, we’ll always look for new ways to develop and expand, to see in what areas we can improve and provide better solutions to the public. We can’t escape it – innovation has been part of our DNA from the very beginning,” says Andersson.

An active part of the green shift

GARO has a strong focus on sustainable development and focuses on ways to reduce the environmental impact their products might have while providing smart solutions that can help the world to achieve a greener future. Apart from their big portfolio of electrical chargers made to support the shift from fossil fuels to electrical vehicles, not just in the automotive industry but also for marinas and camping sites, their corporate responsibility stretches further.

Actively participating in the climate debate and influencing decision makers on climate policies and actions, they have the power to create real change. “We maintain a positive outlook on the future. There’s no doubt that the challenges we are facing require urgent action, but we have the tools to aid that. It’s about enabling the implementation of smarter solutions for all. We see how more businesses and private homes are switching to electric solutions every day and GARO is here to facilitate the shift,” says Andersson. An electrifying future awaits.

GARO: A future charged with electrifying possibilities

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