Sweden is the EU’s most innovative country and ranks among the world’s top-three countries for sustainability. That’s why companies choose to make Sweden their home – to reinvent themselves and gain a green competitive advantage. Business Sweden helps them to achieve this mission.

In the new era of social and environmental responsibility, unicorns and big tech, Sweden’s unique business features have made it one of the world’s most attractive places to make and launch products for a global audience.

Going green is easy when you work in Sweden

Glimakra of Sweden, page 57. Photo: Kimme Persson

As every industry transforms, Sweden has become one of the world’s most vibrant, dynamic and rapidly-developing economies. The fact that Swedes are pioneers of system-wide solutions that are shaping tomorrow’s smart and sustainable society is a key reason. But how do we do it? How do we lead the green transition in everything from mobility to energy and manufacturing?

The answer lies in Sweden’s collaborative business environment and liberal approach to globalisation, trade, investments, talent, co-creation and innovation. It’s what makes Sweden a sustainable and future-proof choice for international investments and business expansion.

Going green is easy when you work in Sweden

Storytel, page 46. Photo: Storytel

And that’s where we come in. Business Sweden has teams stationed in more than 40 markets worldwide to help Swedish companies to grow global sales and international companies to invest and expand in Sweden.

When you choose to embrace the values of ‘Made in Sweden’, we can provide all the strategic advice, insights and practical assistance you need to catapult your performance to new heights in your new home.

Going green is easy when you work in Sweden

Jan Larsson. Photo: Jimmy Eriksson, Agent Bauer

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