Pieces of love


How do you turn an old silver coffee spoon into a ring, or half a pair of earrings into a pendant? Goldsmith Sanna Hytönen designs and manufactures wedding and engagement rings and other custom-made jewellery, and also carries out repairs.

Ever since she was a child, Hytönen knew that she wanted to be a goldsmith. Today, her workshop is based in her home in Äänekoski, near Jyväskylä, Finland. There are no big machines — everything is handmade and Hytönen uses traditional methods. “Whether it’s a quick repair, or the design and manufacturing process of a custom-made piece, I treat every job with the same care and respect it deserves,” she says.

The sky is the limit when it comes to jewellery design. Hytönen creates unique rings, often made from either customers’ own materials, by repurposing old jewellery, or cutlery. “Old gold or silver jewellery can be melted and turned into a whole new design, or the old jewellery pattern or size can be changed,” Hytönen explains. “An old, bent silver spoon can be repurposed into a new and exciting ring, for example. This is recycling at its best.”

Also a specialist in gemmology, Hytönen offers a jewellery research service. “I am fascinated by gemstones and love everything about them,” she says. “I am surrounded by love: wedding rings, mother-child jewellery, or a special piece that is getting a new lease of life.” She adds: “Jewellery is always given for, or carried around because of, love, and that makes my job very rewarding.”

Web: www.kultaseppasannahytonen.com
Facebook: kultaseppasannahytonen
Instagram: @goldsmithsannahytonen

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