Grevinnans Rum is the skincare brand that harbours a profound – some may argue nerdy – obsession with organic formulas that are good for the earth as well as the body. The company combines ancient wisdom and methods with the latest research and the abundance of nature, to create magical skincare products that make a real difference to your body, mind and wellbeing.

Founded in Gränna, a picturesque town on the eastern shores of Vättern, the second largest lake in Sweden, Grevinnans Rum is a skincare brand that’s different to the rest. While many companies claim their products are natural and organic, it only takes a quick scan of the ingredients list to see that this isn’t always the case.

Grevinnans Rum is working passionately to be different. The brand was founded by Karin Egertz, who discovered her interest in the skincare industry early. “I was selling cosmetic products from the age of 13 and, during a chemistry lesson in school, I fell in love with all of the science that’s bubbling beneath the surface of what we put on our bodies. I’ve been working with skincare and beauty in different capacities ever since and have loved every step. While I was running my own beauty shop in Gränna, I concocted my first hand-soap, which sold out in 20 minutes. That’s when I realised it was time to do this full time,” says Egertz.

Grevinnans Rum: Award-winning natural skincare without the fakery

Lather up.

The beginning of something unique

And thus, the adventure began. Karin was joined in her venture by her husband as well as two sons and a close friend, who all shared the same passion for quality, natural products and the intricate chemistry that makes up truly great skincare. The name Grevinnans Rum was chosen as an homage to the place where it started, Gränna – the only remaining countship in Sweden. “We care about everything that goes into our products. It’s not enough to source something that simply claims to be organic: we need to know about every step of the production cycle from the beginning to the end. Where does it come from, where did the olives grow, who picked the avocados, under what working conditions was the salt extracted? We’re passionate about choosing products that are good for nature and people, because that’s what’s good for our bodies, too,” says Egertz.

Palm oil – strictly prohibited in all their products – is replaced with ingredients such as olive oil, shea butter, argan oil from Morocco, sea salt from the Dead Sea, white clay, sea buckthorn, jojoba, apricot and more. Combined, these high-quality, organically-sourced substances result in products that not only have a powerful nurturing impact on body and skin, but look and smell fantastic.

Grevinnans Rum: Award-winning natural skincare without the fakery

Left: Soaps made with passion.
Right: Karin Egertz.

Crafting products with proven quality

Grevinnans Rum’s range is a vast spectrum encompassing face care, hair care, soaps, shaving products, candles and natural detergent. New products are continuously added – often inspired by what’s missing on the market. The award-winning anti-cellulite Firming Body Oil has become one of the most popular products, thanks to its truly startling effects on the skin. The liquid soap is another gem, unique in the market for being completely free of sulphates and allergens. For the hard-soap fanatics, there’s a refreshing salt soap for next-level hand care. The Face Cure Kit is another bestseller, loved for its strengthening, rejuvenating, replenishing and brilliance-enhancing results.

All products contain highly-concentrated ingredients, which is one of the reasons why their products work to such high degree. “There are a lot of empty promises on the skincare market and we want to be the antidote to that. We take pride in our ingredients, our production cycle, our products and the results that they give. We believe that nature provides the best remedies and we are always aiming to utilise that to the utmost level – an approach that has proven to be the right one, over and over again. There’s a connection between what we put into our bodies as well as onto it, and the higher the quality of the substance, the higher quality of the effects,” says Egertz. “Cosmetics, skincare and wellbeing products have been a part of my life since I was a child and my business is my version of living my wildest dreams. Providing natural, certified, healing and beautiful products is what I do best. No fuss, made with love.”

Grevinnans Rum: Award-winning natural skincare without the fakery

Left: Award winning Firming Body Oil.
Right: Soaps made with passion.

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