Where golf and beautiful nature meet

A s one of the finest golf clubs in the eastern part of Norway, Kjekstad Golf Club has truly embraced its rural surroundings of wildlife, forests and lakes. The result is two entertaining and challenging courses, giving semi-professionals and beginners the nature experience for free, along with a game with magnificent scenery from start to finish.

After its kickstart, 43 years ago, the golf club has established itself as one of the finest clubs in eastern Norway, with two impeccable courses: an 18-hole and a nine-hole course. “Ours are known for being fun and challenging courses, where you may very well end up playing your way across forest ponds and might encounter a rabbit or two along the way,” says managing director Bjørn Lohne.


While the courses are the focal points, the thing that really sets Kjekstad Golf Club apart from the rest is its beautiful surroundings. Located in the middle of the forest, both courses are integrated into the original scenery with trees, lakes and hills. The main course was completed as a fully-fledged 18-hole course in 1988. This is a distinctive forest course, designed by Jan Sederholm, giving the player a complete nature encounter. “We have a strong focus on providing high-quality courses, and our slogan is ‘you get the nature experience for free’,” Lohne explains. “I once asked a couple how the day had been. They replied that they had an amazing time but could not remember how the actual game had ended.”

Situated in Røyken, approximately half an hour south of Oslo, Kjekstad Golf Club is easily reached by public transport, although Lohne recommends bringing your treasured gear along in a car. “If you don’t have equipment, it is also possible to hire everything you need. We are proud to offer a wide range of courses and trainings, so whether you are a beginner or a semi-professional player, everyone is welcome to join in.”

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Web: kjekstad-gk.no

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