At Villa Baro you won’t want to be anywhere else – all your needs are catered for. A game of golf, a conference, a hike on a picturesque trail, or a culinary delight in the restaurant awaits you.

Villa Baro’s story began in the 1760s, with the construction of a country house by the lake Bysjön in southern Sweden. In 1901, the house was relocated across the lake and became a school for practical and creative gardening.

A blossoming establishment would then follow for the next 50 years, before the school became a hotel in 1957 and the surrounding grounds a golf course. “In 2018, the hotel underwent a substantial renovation, leading to the grand opening of Villa Baro in 2020,” says co-partner Sabina Lundgren.

Villa Baro also opened a new wing with hotel rooms, lounges, a yoga studio and conference rooms. And only 15 minutes away by foot is Adelwärdska villan – a villa with nine extra double rooms, a restaurant kitchen, and a view reminiscent of an Italian dream destination.

Wonderous views and soothing experiences at Villa Baro

The rural surroundings are full of wildlife, and the hunting is on point. This also means locally sourced meat for the award-winning kitchen. “We have our own beef, our own venison, crayfish and lamb,” continues co-partner Mikaela Andersson.

Prepared by renowned chefs and kitchen staff, a meal at Villa Baro is a given. “Our goal is to offer experiences that exceed expectations, with exquisite dining, top-class hosting, and a wide range of activities all year round,” says Andersson. “And guests can rent the entire building for conferences, weddings or birthday celebrations.”

Wonderous views and soothing experiences at Villa Baro

A visit here tends to lead to another. Guests dropping by for a business lunch or perhaps a beer, often return later for a weekend stay with their partner or friends. Experiencing the magical Scandinavian forests and mesmerising lakes, and of course, some of Sweden’s finest golfing. “The golf course is a point of pride,” adds Lundgren. “It’s a park course, with oak landscape, along Bysjön. In fact, we have one of the most famous holes in Sweden, called Långa Sjö, along the lake.”

Wonderous views and soothing experiences at Villa Baro

When it’s finally time to wrap up after a day of activities, you’ll feel right at home indoors. The interior decoration is second to none. “No stone has been left unturned,” says Lundgren. “Our architects have decorated the whole site together with project manager Malin Adelswärd. It’s modern and daring, yet harmonious.”

Wonderous views and soothing experiences at Villa Baro

Wonderous views and soothing experiences at Villa Baro

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