Throughout the pandemic, Kristin Norenberg rekindled with an old flame: the art of painting. Combining her passion for writing and art, she has discovered how to keep in touch with her inner femininity.

Before Kristin Norenberg’s days were filled with paint, writing and meditation, her life was made up of fast-paced business, constantly chasing goals and results. “My soul spoke to me,” she explains. “I jumped off that hamster wheel in 2005 to start my own business, Universal Balance. Since then, I’ve been on a spiritual journey to help others through life alignment, coaching, as a medium, healer and author.”

Painting not only became a passion, but also a form of therapy for Norenberg. “It’s important to balance both the masculine ‘doing’ and the feminine ‘being’ aspects of our lives. Masculinity, which often takes the form of organising, rigour and chasing goals, has long dominated my life. Painting has therefore been a great way of staying in touch with my passionate, free femininity – using my creativity and intuition,” she says.

After nine years of art classes, ambitious projects, and countless tubs of oil paint, she found herself allergic to the very source of her art and therapy. With no choice but to quit, Norenberg focused her energy elsewhere, but the pandemic allowed her to pick up the paintbrush again, this time using acrylic paint and another passion of hers, writing.

“Often, I meditate first. Then my soul guides me by using vibrant colours, and I paint until my heart tells me to stop,” she explains. “When a piece is finished, I feel its energy and begin my writing process, so the words and the painting are very much connected.”

Kristin Norenberg: Painting with the soul as inspiration

Din indre blomst.

Norenberg’s new exhibition, Landskap fra sjelen. Ord fra hjertet (Landscape from the soul. Words from the heart), takes place at Humleriet, Oslo, from January to March.

Norenberg’s newest book is Med Hjertet som GPS, a book about intuition.

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Instagram: @kristinnorenberg

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