There is a reason why a simple painting can fill your body with joy and love: at that moment, you connect with your emotions. Art is an opportunity, an invitation from the artist – artists like Kristine Hasseløy.

Kristine Hasseløy is a Norway-based artist whose hallmarks are the use of layers of paint, textures and the mix between soft, thin colours and strong colour explosions. “As a child, I used to stand upside down on my parents’ sofa and view the world from a different perspective. I pretended the roof was the floor and I could decorate and furnish freely. It was great until the blood was pounding in my head and I had to return to my feet,” Kristine laughs.

Kristine Hasseløy: Get lost in colour explosions

The daydreaming did not stop as she grew up. Some four years ago, she left her job in teaching and decided to go full-time with her art. Today, her paintings can be seen in many homes around the world. Kristine’s atelier in Drammen is a big space where she can go big and small with her ideas and creations. The space allows her to work on multiple projects at the same time.

Customers come by weekly to check up on how their customised work is developing. During the day, she has zoom-meetings with clients and people she has connected with. New buyers are welcomed by appointment and sometimes Kristine opens up the space for groups to learn and paint.

Kristine Hasseløy: Get lost in colour explosions

In the making of a painting, Kristine goes into a state of flow. During those hours, nothing in the outside world matters. Time and space are not important; it is all about what is happening on the canvas. The artist is creating a window to a moment, a feeling or a place for you to resonate with. Anything can happen in the flow state and the result is what you see on the stretched linen. “I mostly follow my intuition. I like to explore and experiment with different materials and techniques. To be able to forget about what’s going on in this world for a while is a true blessing in this job.” Kristine says.

She tells stories of love. Like the care from a stranger when you need it the most, the smell of the ocean, or a memory. She translates these feelings onto a blank canvas and then she leaves room for your thoughts and interpretation.

Kristine Hasseløy: Get lost in colour explosions

Web: www.kristinehasselø
Instagram: @k.hasseloy

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