A mutual interest in 20th century Danish stoneware lies behind a small company started four years ago. It creates timeless, Scandinavian designed stoneware vases, and every item is finished by hand at the workshop in Aalborg. The driving force is to keep all design and production Danish, so every piece is truly Made in Denmark.

“Keeping things local means that we can keep an eye on every part of the process and production, ensuring the highest quality of each piece,” says Alex Kronborg at Kronborg Stentöj. The company never compromises on the high quality of its vases. Danish stoneware is popular in Denmark and worldwide, but most serial produced pieces sold are not actually made in Denmark. “As our vision is to make true Danish handcrafted stoneware, we should of course produce it in Denmark,” he continues.

Kronborg Stentöj: Original stoneware made in Denmark

Part of the glazing process by hand.

The beautiful vases are made to last, and both design and production are based in Denmark. They are produced in small quantities, typically around 50-100 vases per batch. “Each vase is numbered and unique,” confirms Alex. The vases are all created from the same original model and share a Scandinavian organic style and expression. Things tend to vary in the production process however, resulting in each individual vase having a distinctive character. The mixture of the glaze, the temperature in the oven, and each vase being made by human hands all leave marks, so you won’t find two identical vases.

Kronborg Stentöj: Original stoneware made in Denmark

Creative collaborations

Part of the premise behind the idea is to work closely with Danish artists and the first partnership is with Anders Børgesen, an established artist from Aalborg. His pieces are clearly connected to the cultural heritage of Danish ceramic art, especially renowned ceramic artist and painter Axel Johannes Salto, and Børgesen’s inspiring and often thought-provoking work intertwines classical expressions with modern references.

Kronborg Stentöj captures a distinct Scandinavian spirit both in its stoneware vases and approach; This truly is a passion project, a labour of love, and the team wants to continue enjoying what they do best and keeping it truly made in Denmark.

Kronborg Stentöj: Original stoneware made in Denmark

Kronborg Stentöj
Hans Povlsensvej 11, 9200 Aalborg SV
+45 26 36 46 80
Web: kronborgstentoj.com
Instagram: @kronborgstentoj

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