What was once a hidden Nordic gem is now a popular tourist destination for travellers from all corners of the globe. Iceland offers an abundance of otherworldly scenery, pristine nature and friendly locals. What better way to explore this northern destination than in a campervan from KúKú Campers?

From magnificent glaciers to lava field hikes to hot springs to majestic volcanoes, there is no shortage of breathtaking beauty to explore in Iceland. It is no wonder this Nordic country is topping bucket lists. The best way to discover the rugged landscape of the volcanic island is on four wheels.

“A campervan gives you total freedom. You can go where you want when you want. You don’t have to follow any plan. With a campervan you also get to mingle much more with the locals when staying on campgrounds, and you get to wake up in nature instead of in a hotel. It brings you closer to the country,” says Lárus Guðbjartsson, owner of KúKú Campers.

KúKú Campers: Explore geographical wonders from the freedom of a campervan

Photo: Nia Chauvin

The total freedom of travelling in a campervan

KúKú Campers was founded in 2012 by Lárus Guðbjartsson and his cousin as the ultimate way to experience Iceland. What started with just 10 vans has grown into a thriving business with 400 vans.

“Usually when people visit Iceland, they book a hotel and rent a car. However, that means you have planned your whole trip, and with the Icelandic weather that’s a very bad thing to do. The weather can change for the better or worse in a matter of minutes. With a campervan you can change the plan and follow the weather. You can escape the rain and wind. Maybe you don’t hit all the great spots, but you get a much better experience,” says Guðbjartsson.

With the freedom of travelling in a campervan you can take the unbeaten tracks and explore everything from towering icebergs to the dancing aurora borealis. Imagine waking up looking over a crystal-clear lake from the back of your van while sipping your morning coffee. What could beat that?

KúKú Campers offers 13 different campervans, ranging from simple two-person vans to family campervans and 4×4 campervans. Whether you are going offroad in the highlands or taking the well-trodden paths, there is a campervan that suits your needs.

KúKú Campers: Explore geographical wonders from the freedom of a campervan

Photo: Alba Vitta

For the free-spirited adventurers

During the peak season in summertime KúKú Campers has 36 responsible employees that will take excellent care of you. From travel tips to road rescue to mechanical malfunctions, they are there to help you.

“Mistakes happen sometimes so don’t judge us for what happens, judge us for how we deal with and take care of it. We are not going to care if the van got a little scratch or chip from your travel adventures. When you arrive at the office there’s a relaxed atmosphere. We want you to have a good experience from the moment you arrive,” says Guðbjartsson.

This goes hand in hand with the values and DNA of the company. KúKú Campers is for the free-spirited adventurers that don’t take life too seriously, who are looking for total freedom and flexibility and who don’t want to be constrained by a pre-planned itinerary.

“Our favourite travel tip for Iceland is to not plan too much. Follow the weather and take advantage of the van. Spend some time mingling with locals and other travellers on the campground. The Icelanders know the hidden spots,” says Guðbjartsson.

In fact, talking to locals and other travellers will happen naturally when travelling in a KúKu campervan. “Our vans are painted with beautiful and unique artwork, and often people will come up and ask about the painting. The vans themselves are a conversation starter,” says Lárus Guðbjartsson with a smile.

KúKú Campers: Explore geographical wonders from the freedom of a campervan

From the northern lights to the midnight sun

Whether you visit Iceland during the peak season in summertime or when Jack Frost is nipping at your nose, one thing is for sure: You will have an unforgettable adventure. During the summer months the weather is usually mild and warm with temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees. This is the perfect season for lush greenery and long days. Early in the season, you can even see the midnight sun, a breathtaking natural phenomenon.

In winter, the northern lights turn the sky into a magical cosmic show and you can snuggle up inside the warm van as the daylight disappears. Winter is also the perfect time for skiing, ice skating and snow mobile tours.

Iceland’s windswept landscape is truly mesmerising with towering glaciers and bubbling geysers alongside thundering waterfalls and dramatic fjords. It is the perfect destination for anyone looking to explore untouched natural beauty.

KúKú Campers: Explore geographical wonders from the freedom of a campervan

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