Lights in Alingsås is an international meeting place as well as an exciting opportunity for people to check out unexpected lighting designs along a trail in Alingsås. The theme for this year’s edition of the lighting festival is: Only One Earth. 7.9 Billion Reflections.

The lighting festival Lights in Alingsås attracts around 70,000 visitors every year. Established in 1998 and now run by Alingsås Energi, the much-loved event is an important meeting place for professional lighting designers, aspiring students in lighting design and architecture, and businesses. The world-class event has been internationally recognised with a number of awards, such as the prestigious lighting design competition [d]arc awards.

Lights in Alingsås: Only One Earth. 7.9 Billion Reflections

Christinae Kyrka, design by Luciana Alanis.

During a one-week workshop, lighting installations are built by designers together with students, and the finished works are displayed around Alingsås for five weeks. Every year sees a new theme, and 2022’s will be Only One Earth. 7.9 Billion Reflections. “Reflections symbolise the origin of change. When light is reflected, it spreads and changes course,” explains Camilla Boström, event manager for Lights in Alingsås. “With this year’s theme, we want to illuminate the endless possibilities encapsulated in the reflections of 7.9 billion people.”

Lights in Alingsås: Only One Earth. 7.9 Billion Reflections

Lilla Torget Bron, design by Craig Spring.

Each year, the theme changes and so too does the three-kilometre exhibition trail around Alingsås. The rout starts in the city centre and, on the way, people can see unexpected illuminations in old neighbourhoods and residential areas, in trees and parks, and along waterways. There are also guided tours to elevate the experience further, featuring a history of the city sights and reflections on the designs, plus lots of other activities around the city.

“Autumn is a great time of the year for lighting design,” smiles Boström. “As it gets dark and gloomy outside, the event really lights up the city and visitors can discover fascinating lighting designs along the trail – it’s particularly beautiful by the waterways. It’s a great experience, combined with some shopping in the city centre or a visit to one of Alingsås’ fabulous cafés or restaurants.”

Lights in Alingsås: Only One Earth. 7.9 Billion Reflections

Brunnsparken, design by Jessica Krometis.

Lights in Alingsås, presented by Alingsås Energi, takes place from 30 September to 6 November 2022. This year’s theme for the design workshop and trail around the city is Only One Earth. 7.9 Billion Reflections.

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