Limo Group Denmark has made it their ambition to deliver the best possible transport service on the market. Not just for big celebrities or the rich, but for businessmen and companies who wish to leave nothing to chance when it comes to the transportation of their employees or guests.

Imagine the situation of a taxi that does not show up on time. That might result in a missed plane, which then leads to a missed meeting and altered travel plans, which can be a costly affair. For most companies and businessmen, punctuality is of the utmost importance, and with Limo Group Denmark, you are guaranteed to get exactly that.

“When you book a car through us, you don’t have to worry about the car being late or not showing up at all. We will be there on time and that’s guaranteed,” says Søren Christensen, who is the owner of Limo Group Denmark. The company was founded 23 years ago and has become the go-to name when it comes to transportation for both national and international companies who want to have someone or something transported from one place to another, without having to worry about anything. Limo Group Denmark has plenty of experience and they always insist on using that very experience to stay ahead of things. When they first initiated their online booking system, no one on the market could offer what they wanted, so Christensen decided to build the platform himself.

“Whatever we do, it always has so be easy and very simple for our customers to book our cars. The client can book the transportation needed online via our system, and the day before the booking, they can see the name and number of the driver, so that they can contact them directly if there are any changes. Right now, we are working on a system where the person who is being picked up, receives a text message when their plane lands to inform them of the name and number of the driver, so that they can call the driver, should there be any trouble with them finding each other at the airport.”

Limo Group Denmark, Scan Magazine

Details, details, details

One of the reasons to why Limo Group Denmark has been so successful, is their observant eye to every little detail. You will never see a driver standing with a hand-written sign, and the signs will be held up in the appropriate height, so they are easy to spot for the client. Everything simply has to be in order.

“Because we deliver such high quality, and we use quality cars, people often think that it might be very expensive to use our services. But the truth is, that it’s not much more expensive than ordering a taxi. And when you think about what it can cost a company if a taxi is late or doesn’t show up, you have got to ask yourself, if it is worth the potential trouble,” says Christensen, who makes a virtue out of picking the right drivers for his company. “You can have excellent cars, but if the drivers don’t deliver, it reflects poorly on the company. The driver is your collaborator and right hand during the trip, and they are the face of this company.” Limo Group Denmark has a total of nine cars, and is the only one of its kind in Denmark that is CO2 neutral.

Taking care of everything

Most of what Limo Group Demark does, is the transportation of people from one place to another, but they are also capable of arranging larger transport tasks if needed. They have a number of partners they can call upon, and they have experience with transporting more than 1,000 people at a time.

“Sometimes, big football teams come to the country and they perhaps need a bus for the players, a few buses for sponsors and VIPs, and another for all their equipment, plus a private car for their president. We vouch for our partners and it just makes it easy for the client, that they only need to contact one company in order to get the whole job done,” explains Christensen, and concludes: “We have done a lot of work for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, and they always say that it’s just so easy for them booking through us, because once we have accepted the job, they don’t have to worry about a thing. It just works!”

Limo Group Denmark, Scan Magazine


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