Louise Mellisa Klinder is six years old; it is a regular weekday evening and, like most other evenings, her mother, Margit Mellisa Klinder, is busy in the kitchen. It is not the smell of food that is rising from the bowl in Margit’s hands, however, but a rich scent of essential oils and plant extracts. Suffering from psoriasis, Margit, a multi-skilled alternative healer lovingly referred to as ‘the sorcerer’ locally, is experimenting with the ingredients for Mellisa’s first skincare product, the Arnica balm. “Back then, there weren’t any remedies for psoriasis without hormone-disturbing ingredients, but my mother, who had spent her whole life walking around the forest studying the different plants and their effects, was determined to find a natural remedy. She sat at home every night with a bowl and spatula trying out combination after combination.

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