Nordea Masters has a reputation for an exceptionally warm, celebratory atmosphere, especially when one of Sweden’s own stars takes to the green. “The season is short in Sweden, which contributes to this sense of a big audience party at key events,” says Dunér. “Add to that the fact that this is one of the biggest competitions of the European Tour, in terms of audience size, and you’ll see why it tends to be an unforgettable experience.” All around Sweden, clubs are starting to see an increase in memberships. When it comes to international tournaments,the public interest seems to be insatiable. The recent successes of names such as Henrik Stenson and last year’s Nordea Masters winner, Alex Norén, have made the national crowd go crazy for more Swedish golf splendour. This year’s event on 2-5 June will surely bring them the glorious golf victories they crave.

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