Oslo Tattoo Ink is a female-run tattoo studio in the heart of Norway’s capital, where customers and their safety always take centre stage.

When Catherina Castro decided to create her own tattoo studio in the Norwegian capital of Oslo, she was determined to break with what many still see as the archetypal features of a tattoo shop – a dark room with heavy metal music playing in the background.

Having been in the tattoo business for over a decade and having worked in several countries, Castro – who goes by the artist’s name Mrs. Castro – envisioned a studio where artists and customers would feel safe and comfortable.

Oslo Tattoo Ink: A different kind of tattoo studio

Oslo Tattoo Ink opened its doors in January of 2022 and has quickly built a name for itself. The tattoo studio currently hosts five artists – Mrs. Castro, Mor Eliezri, Therese Telle, Olga Kozlowska and Lise Gran Olsen. “The fact that all the artists are females and the fact that they are all from different countries was never part of any plan. But it’s a lovely coincidence that makes the name of the shop even more special,” Castro explains. She adds that she chose ‘Oslo Tattoo Ink’ because it’s simple, representative of the city, easy to remember and because it fits with different kinds of tattoo styles and personalities

“We offer unique designs in many different styles. Even though we are known for realistic works, we also offer traditional, neo-traditional, Japanese, simple line works, black and grey, as well as colour tattoos,” she says.

Safety is a key concern at this leading Oslo tattoo studio and the team of tattoo artists keep themselves updated with new regulations so that a safe environment for customers is always guaranteed.

Listening to customers is a key ethos at Oslo Tattoo Ink. “We listen to our clients’ ideas and we create unique, special designs for them,” Castro explain.

Oslo Tattoo Ink: A different kind of tattoo studio

Web: www.oslotattoo.ink
Facebook: mrscastrotattoo
Instagram: @oslotattoo.ink

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