If you travel through Norway, you’re bound to see several houses and cabins built of logs that seem to be piled on top of each other covered by a grass roof that looks like nature’s attempt to unify the construction with the nature surrounding it. Many of these houses are several centuries old, yet they stand stubbornly in remote hillsides – a testimony to the durability of this ancient way of building which is finding its way back to modern constructions. Indeed, the demand for traditional log houses is soaring

At Øverbygg, one of the main providers of traditional log houses, employees are proud to be carrying forward an old tradition. Established at Snåsa outside of Trondheim in 1991, Øverbygg has grown to be one of Scandinavia’s most trusted constructors of log houses. Next to their main Norwegian production site, they also have a department in Åre in Sweden.

ØVERBYGG: Old techniques in a modern world

Log houses are healthy and relaxing to be in.

Environmentally friendly

Most of Øverbygg’s houses are used as cabins but the demand for log houses as permanent residences is growing. According to Karl Skaanes, administrative director at Øverbygg, that is not least because the technique also has many desirable qualities for modern dwellings.

“Log houses are built with natural, sustainable materials. They are naturally ventilated and are healthy and comfortable to live in,” Skaanes explains. “With skyrocketing prices on energy-intensive construction materials, wooden logs also represent a more economical alternative.”

When Øverbygg receives a new order, the design is made digitally before the main parts of the house are built at the production site in Trøndelag or Åre. These are then driven to the construction site, where they are assembled and layers of isolation are placed between each log. The roof is mounted at the end of the process. “It actually only takes a few days to assemble the outer walls”, says Skaanes.

Øverbygg has been certified by Trygt Hyttekjøp – a Norwegian association that works to safeguard consumers by promoting quality constructors in the cabin sector.

ØVERBYGG: Old techniques in a modern world

The living room in one of Øverbyggs cabins.

Builds with the client, not for them

While standardised solutions are the foundation of the construction process, Skaanes underlines that each cabin or house they build is based on the client’s specifications. “We adapt every house and every cabin to the client’s desires. We usually say that we build with the clients, not for them,” he stresses.

The result in any case is an environmentally friendly and healthy house to live in – be that permanently or during your weekend and holiday getaways.

ØVERBYGG: Old techniques in a modern world

Inside Øverbygg’s production location at Snåsa.

Web: www.overbygg.no

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