Recognised as one of Norway’s go-to cleaning brands, På Stell’s range of products based on lemon and essential oils not only deliver tangible cleaning results, but are curated with a great dose of environmental thoughtfulness. Playing with the Norwegian expression ‘to get things in order’, there’s no doubt that På Stell lives up to its name.

A solid lemon soap, the brand’s first-ever product, was originally sold as a side product to a children’s clothing brand. “The soap became popular with families because it’s a great stain remover, but they also valued the organic and biodegradable formula – not to mention the lack of additives, palm oil, enzymes and colourings,” explains Thomas Welin-Larsen, marketing manager at På Stell. The soap proved so successful, it led to the launch of På Stell as a separate brand in 2016.

På Stell, Stain removal, the Norwegian way, soap

Since then, three additional products have been launched, all of which work wonders on tough stains such as red wine and grease. These include a concentrated spray version of the original soap, which works like a dry-clean for things that don’t need regular washing; a liquid soap to clean items made of wool, cashmere and silk; and a smaller version of the original soap, ideal for bringing along when out and about. The brand’s audience now includes families with small children as well as interior boutiques, hardware stores and fashion brands.

På Stell, Stain removal, the Norwegian way

På Stell makes natural and organic soaps that work effectively to remove stains.

A lot of conventional cleaning products only have one purpose, unlike På Stell, whose range can multitask to treat a variety of stains. “All of our products are versatile, and what’s more is that the essential oils make a great treatment for your hands, and even your wooden surfaces!” says Welin-Larsen. The brand is also conscious with regards to its packaging. “It’s a continuous job for us to make our packaging as environmentally friendly as possible,” Welin-Larsen adds. “It’s something we never stop working on.”

På Stell, Stain removal, the Norwegian way, Scan Magazine, August 2019

Additionally, the brand’s range has been certified by the NCP (Natural Care Product), which guarantees that no harm to animals or the environment has been done. This also means that the whole range is certified natural, with no animal testing, petrochemicals or microplastics in sight. Moreover, På Stell is a member of Grønt Punkt, a Norwegian recycling community.

After receiving praise in its native country, På Stell is now ready to conquer the Danish and Swedish markets, as well. With a good-for-all brand and hard-working products, På Stell is on its way to cleaning up Scandinavia!

På Stell, Stain removal, the Norwegian way, Scan Magazine

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