Every year, Helsingør and Helsingborg come alive when PASSAGE Festival takes place. The festival is enjoyed and loved by both locals and tourists. Here, you can experience living street theatre performed by talented artists from all over Europe. Whether you are here for the full six days or you just stumble upon one performance, one thing is certain: you will have a good time.

PASSAGE Festival is a one-of-a-kind festival, and with 150 to 200 performances at each festival, it is one of Northern Europe’s largest living street theatre festivals. “You can experience performances in the streets, in the harbour, on the beach and in the surrounding areas. Our ambition is to create a festival that is diverse, accessible and enjoyable for everyone,” explains Camilla Hasseriis Dietz, head of communications at PASSAGE Festival.

Most of the performances at PASSAGE Festival are free, and they have performances for all age groups. Whether you are an avid theatre-goer or you have never been to the theatre, PASSAGE Festival is for you.

PASSAGE Festival: Experience living street theatre in Helsingør and Helsingborg

MDR – Death from Laughter, Los Galindos. Photo: Klara Pedrol

From eccentric circus shows to unheard stories of fishing

“We offer a cornucopia of performances. It is of great importance to us that we are not just for a select few, but that we truly embrace every citizen. Therefore we also present performances at nursing homes, kindergartens, in residential areas and the surrounding areas. You don’t have to come to us; we will happily come to you,” says Hasseriis.

This year, the festival will host an abundance of artists and performers from all over Europe. For instance, you can experience the internationally renowned French company Le G. Bistaki, which creates unique and spectacular performances. Or how about an eccentric circus show called Death from Laughter? Or a show called Breast in Peace, performed by a feminist punk circus? “Street theatre performances always have several layers, making them relevant for both adults and children. The majority of the shows are non-verbal, so everyone can understand the performances,” says Hasseriis.

In the small town of Espergærde, you can also experience a new, interactive performance about the unheard stories of fishing. There is quite literally a performance for everyone. “The most important thing is that you come with an open mind, and then you can’t avoid being pleasantly surprised,” says Hasseriis.

PASSAGE Festival: Experience living street theatre in Helsingør and Helsingborg

The Secret. Photo: Tombs Creatius

PASSAGE Festival is organised by Helsingør Theatre in Helsingør and Dunkers kulturhus in Helsingborg.

Dates: 25-30 July 2022

The ferry to and from Helsingør and Helsingborg takes 20 minutes

Web: www.passagefestival.nu
Facebook: PASSAGE·Festival – international street theatre in Helsingør & Helsingborg
Instagram: @passagefestival

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