Microsoft Word, Excel, and even WhatsApp are often used as the default tools by companies for on-site reporting, despite their inability to either ensure the quality of the reported data or support the corporate business processes. Poimapper is an innovative, cloud-based mobile solution that offers users a more streamlined process, with accurate information between field and office workers in real time.

From quality inspections and supplier audits to construction site safety reporting, market research, environmental monitoring and international development, Poimapper allows users to create fully customisable checklists and forms for a variety of needs and industries. It is used in over 30 countries – and with companies such as ABB, Fortum, Air Liquide, YIT, Wabtec and Suunto using the mobile solution, it has a proven track-record of facilitating processes for its clients.

Assigning tasks and sharing data enables companies to improve collaboration in new, more efficient ways. “Using Excel, Word or even WhatsApp as reporting tools is incredibly common. However, this means there is a fundamental lack of interactive guidance. This also means that reports are informal – and, crucially, lacking potentially vital data that could otherwise be captured. This way of collecting and finalising reports is incredibly time-consuming, meaning the projects are subject to delays, corrective actions are unclear, engagement is often low, and systematic trends can be hard to identify,” explains Pertti Lounamaa, founder and CEO of Pajat Solutions Ltd., the developers of Poimapper.


From mapping industrial waste management needs and work safety in road construction to inspecting milling machinery, Poimapper provides users with
clear analytics and insights.

Seeing the bigger picture

Poimapper allows companies to gain insight and analyse the finer details of their on-site activities with charts, maps and images. The data collection and editing work offline, too, making it very easy to access in the field. It is currently being used all over the globe, for tasks such as assessing suppliers for transport equipment, mapping industrial waste management needs and work safety in road construction, and inspecting milling machinery and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) point-of-sale intelligence. The company also has projects in rental contracting, insurance claim registration and micro-finance in Africa.

By making the entire process interactive, Poimapper guides users in a systematic way, ensures that stakeholders are notified of actions, makes follow-ups easy – and provides clear analytics and insights of the resulting data. “Poimapper replaces complex Excel-based sheets with simple interactive applications, and provides an efficient way to monitor progress of assigned actions and geospatial positioning of observations. It is a powerful tool designed to transform previously ineffective reporting processes,” the CEO concludes.

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