The Finnish company Salli, the leading developer in sitting health, is on a mission to bring a dramatic shift to the world of work ergonomics with their revolutionary Salli Sitting Health Concept (SSHC) products and know-how.

“Back and joint problems (MSD) are now the most common cause of sick leaves. Backache can limit and even totally prevent the ability to work. A sedentary lifestyle that involves ‘normal’ sitting with poor posture is the main root cause of backache, which can lead to many problems,” says Veli-Jussi ‘Vessi’ Jalkanen, CEO and designer of Salli.

The story of Salli started 30 years ago

Back then, Jalkanen suffered from backaches himself. Being a competition rider for 20 years, he found the solution to his pain in saddle-sitting ergonomics, and went on to build his company on this core concept. Today, Salli is the leading developer, producer and consultant in sitting ergonomics in some 80 countries. The Salli Sitting Health Concept (SSHC) sets a standard for optimum furniture and its correct use, sitting-friendly clothing and motion activation of the body and, if followed well, can have a fundamental impact on health, comfort and productivity.

SSHC is backed by science

Salli’s deep understanding of the sitting process is directly informed by the science of anatomy and physiology, and its products are the application of these findings. Salli’s definition of ‘ergonomic’ is: “maximising the macro and micro-circulation (lymph and blood system) in every tissue while working”. This can be attained only with very unconventional and specialised furniture and habits.

The driving force behind Salli is a genuine passion to create meaningful and lasting improvements on people’s lives. “We have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of ergonomics, sitting physiology and anatomy. We can improve the lives of millions, starting from childhood, and in hundreds of professions,” says Jalkanen. “Well over 50 per cent of teenagers already have serious permanent changes in the MS (muscle-skeleton) system, which are all avoidable.”

A multitude of health benefits

Salli promises improved posture, circulation, productivity and overall health. “We can help anyone who sits. Mostly we can help those who are doing demanding sedentary work, or who already have SD (Sitting Disorders),” says Jalkanen.

“We develop products where the user’s overall health and metabolism is a priority. On top of that, we can offer our customers individual consultations on sitting health problems because we have deep knowledge of the body’s metabolic system. We are truly pioneers, because of this,” Jalkanen says. “Many ailments are preventable and even curable by optimising sitting and working habits. With them, we can also improve our personal health, comfort and productivity.”

Salli Systems: Pioneers of a more productive ergonomics culture

How do the people of Salli work?

At Salli, people live as they teach. All have optimum work ergonomics and backaches are unheard of. The company has an exceptional preventive health programme, which results in a low rate of sick-leave. Indeed, employee welfare is a core value, and Jalkanen himself is also a high-level preventive health expert. Salli’s staff are incredibly proud of their concept and every product is carefully crafted with the user in mind.

What’s the purpose of the gap in the seat?

Salli’s divided seat improves genital and internal pelvic health and posture. The gap prevents pressure on the pelvic floor, genitals and soft tissues inside the pelvic bowl – an area which is commonly affected by ill health.

For men, the gap prevents pressure on the root of the penis and decreases the likelihood of erectile problems by allowing the crucial pudendal nerve to function well. Meanwhile, increased airflow maintains an optimal temperature, which can have a positive impact on sperm count and testosterone levels. In women, Salli can defend against genital inflammation.

New products on the horizon

Based on Salli’s superior know-how, there are several new concepts in the pipeline, like the revolutionary new pillow, Driver, for car and future bicycle seats. Another upcoming product is the Salli Paddler catamaran canoe, equipped with an ergonomic Salli saddle seat for perfect paddling posture and mobility. “It is for one to three paddlers and there is no fear of tipping over. It is ideal for children and fitness, touring or leisure-paddlers, as well as fishermen and hunters with a dog.”

Why suffer the avoidable?

Salli is passionate about promoting a new ergonomic culture and increasing our understanding of how sitting impacts overall health through lymphatic flow and circulation. “The way we sit has a huge impact on our health. A sedentary lifestyle and SD (Sitting Disorders) are lurking main or partial causes of many modern illnesses, tiredness, and the degeneration of tissues. Why should we suffer from them if we can avoid them?” says Jalkanen.

Salli Systems: Pioneers of a more productive ergonomics culture

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