Designer Eva Levin started the brand Scandinavia Form in 2014, and the first product was Concilium, a small vase in porcelain. The idea and the process behind the design was to imitate the way wild plants grow in nature.

The vase was nominated for the Formidable Design Award at the 2014 Formex Exhibition in Stockholm. A special edition of the vase was designed in collaboration with the Modern Art Museum in Stockholm, and in 2015, her bestselling vase Glasilium was designed. The vases are produced in different colours and sizes but in the same original form. They are very special, and Eva Levin is evidently passionate as she speaks about nature and how she hopes to inspire people to be involved with nature and bring it into their interiors.

The design of the vases allows you to use just the one single flower, and it is easy to be creative. “It could be as simple as picking a lovely little grass straw found on a walk home, or the reuse of that last flower from a bouquet,” she says with a smile. The design is timeless and classical. “When you don’t have to change the design or materials, you can keep the production process more sustainable,” she explains. This is beautiful and circular design on many levels.

Scandinavia Form: Circular design that incorporates nature into its raw and beautiful form

TRÄSK. Photo: Albert Palin

Alongside the Scandinavia Form concept, Eva Levin is the driving force behind an exciting new concept: Back to Natural Basics. “We will cultivate nature to cultivate our own products, create accessories out of foraged materials and turn them into everyday design objects. We will limit how much we refine each product, so that we can keep the item as close to its original form as possible – just like how we’d find it in the forest.”

This is an economic resource that is currently untapped, and a resource that today’s forest owners aren’t taking advantage of, says Levin. “It will challenge us to use minimal energy consumption and practise sustainable production methods, since we want to keep the designs as close to their natural state as possible and follow nature’s ecological processes as closely as possible.”

Scandinavia Form: Circular design that incorporates nature into its raw and beautiful form

Glasilium. Photo: Lina Arvidsson

Back to Natural Basics will take part in Southern Sweden Design Days on 19-22 May 2022, with one of its projects, called Scruffy little love, and a vase called TRÄSK (the Swedish word for ‘swamp’) printed in biomaterial. Web:
Instagram: @scandinaviaform / @scruffylittlelove_

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