Art shaped by meditation


Norwegian artist and healer Siri Bjotveit creates art that touches people’s souls and is not afraid to portray a range of emotions that come to her through meditation. “It warms my heart when people visit my gallery or see my art and can feel something in my paintings. It can bring silence, sometimes tears or smiles from the onlooker,” says the artist.

“The motifs of my paintings are based on the energy I get through meditation. The messages are about our action patterns towards ourselves as well as everyone else on this planet. Sometimes it lacks understanding and willingness to let go of comfort, which can be devastating to our planet. The energies from the ‘other side’ are constantly trying in different ways to awaken us to cooperation with mother earth,” Siri Bjotveit explains. The messages she gets are concrete, and she then expresses them with her paint brush on the canvas. “This process can take a long time. It is educational, frustrating sometimes, but always rewarding.”

The painter has her atelier in Stabekk, west of Oslo, where she also displays her work. With a focus on the meaning as well as nature, she takes inspiration from her surroundings and while on walks with her dogs. Her use of strong, vivid colours reflects the different moods she is portraying in a vulnerable way. “My connection with nature, the colours I find around me, old trees and birds… it all gives me so much,” says Bjotveit.

With experience in the fields of both direct healing and remote healing, Bjotveit is also passionate about helping her fellow human beings and animals to a better everyday life. “Shamanism is an important aspect of my life. It is the oldest healing method found to convey the belief that all things have soul, something close to my heart and found in my art,” she smiles.

See Siri Bjotveit’s art in her gallery, by appointment:

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