SoKind is natural skincare for women and babies formulated with the purest and gentlest ingredients that deeply nourish the skin. The AllergyCertified skincare brand has created a new standard for skincare and is deeply rooted in Nordic skincare traditions and routines.

As a mother you want the purest, most nourishing skincare products for both yourself and your baby. That is exactly what you get with the Danish skincare brand SoKind. Formulated without any harmful ingredients and AllergyCertified, you know you will be pampering your baby with the kindest skincare.

SoKind: Honest skincare for women and babies

Left: Love Lines and Velvet Droplets. Photo: Jess Rosier. Right: Blissful Moment.

“We only use the most effective, protective and natural ingredients, and we strive to use Nordic and local ingredients as much as possible. This is something we have chosen to do because we believe that babies should smell like babies and not like products containing fragrance or perfume, just like mothers should smell exactly as they do because the sense of smell is one of the first senses that babies develop to recognise their mothers,” says Marie Louise Fabrin, CEO and mother of three.

SoKind: Honest skincare for women and babies

CEO and Mother of three, Marie Louise Fabrin, with her son.

Back to nature

The philosophy at SoKind is simple: use the mildest, purest and most natural ingredients – that is why their products are perfume and fragrance-free. “We do not compromise. Our products are so natural you can eat them. This also means that women can use The Repair Balm on their nipples before breastfeeding, as it contains zero harmful ingredients,” says Marie Louise Fabrin.

By carefully selecting mostly organic, natural and Nordic ingredients, and not using any fragrances or other harmful ingredients, SoKind products are also preventing contact dermatitis for babies. “You cannot heal contact dermatitis, so prevention is key. For SoKind it is important to create products parents can choose knowing the products are natural, gentle and without allergens.”

These principles should not only benefit pregnant and breastfeeding women but also all women who strive for natural and effective skincare.

SoKind: Honest skincare for women and babies

Bubble Time and Little Miracles. Credit: SoKind

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SoKind is AllergyCertified, vegan and is primarily made from Nordic and local ingredients. All products are perfume and fragrance free. SoKind ships to 72 countries.

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