What was once considered to be luxurious relaxation for the lucky few has now become a popular health investment. I’m talking about spa visits.

Given the pandemic in recent years, most of us have come to realise the importance of strengthening the immune system and keeping ourselves in the best possible condition to maintain good health.

Spa visits: A smart investment in your health


Did you know that a simple spa visit is not only a relaxing experience – it also generates fantastic health benefits. Massage, for example, has magical effects that include the release of the well-being hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin relieves pain, speeds up the healing of wounds and injuries, lowers blood pressure and strengthens the immune system. In addition, it also helps to improve our mental health by reducing feelings of fear, stress and anxiety and improving our sleep.

Spa visits: A smart investment in your health

Kosta Borda Art Hotel

In other words, a simple massage is a smart investment in your health. All 44 members of Svenska Spahotell offer massage treatments. If you visit a spa hotel that doesn’t offer massage treatments, it is not a ‘real’ spa. That’s because spa is based on a philosophy that consists of four cornerstones – and tactile touch in the form of body treatments is one of them.

In this special theme The Best Spas in Sweden 2022, discover nine of the top spas in the country to unwind at. Then, acquaint yourself with seven of the most ground-breaking health and beauty brands on the market, today.

Spa visits: A smart investment in your health

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