SuperLottoClub secures one of 72 licences to operate in Sweden and becomes sponsor of Uppsala 86ers to support the growth of American football in Sweden.

SuperLottoClub was founded in 2016 in response to the demand for a credible brand with outstanding customer service. Already established and licensed in the UK, the company this year became one of 72 new operators licensed to offer its games in Sweden. This makes the latest exciting step for a growing brand that is looking to the rest of Europe and the world next.

SuperLottoClub’s unique offering

Among the games offered by SuperLottoClub are the best and biggest in the US, including Mega Millions and Powerball. The latter is known as one of the biggest lotteries in the world, having started out in 1992. Powerball has also had some of the largest ever jackpots, with 40 million US dollars being the smallest possible jackpot and the biggest ever paid out being one of 1,586 billion, paid out in January 2016.

In addition to the US giants, SuperLottoClub also offers the famous EuroMillions as well as Australia’s Oz Lotto and Powerball, Spain’s El Gordo de la Primitiva, and Italy’s SuperEnaLotto.

Notably, however, SuperLottoClub presents a lower-risk but greater-odds way of playing, offering both betting on the lottery results and betting through syndicates. The former means that members bet on the results of official lotteries, with the winnings matching those of the official lottery. The latter, meanwhile, allows members to benefit from what is sometimes referred to as group play, whereby customers buy shares in syndicates and are entitled to a share any winnings. This not only increases the chances of winning – potentially up to 100 times – but also allows friends to play together.

In line with SuperLottoClub’s ethical business model, there is a monthly spending and deposit limit of 2,500 SEK, showing that the brand is serious about promoting fun and security above all else.

New sponsorship deal

This year, alongside the securing of the Swedish licence, SuperLottoClub signed a new sponsorship deal with American football club Uppsala 86ers. The club won the Swedish Championships back in 1991 and ’92, reached the final in ’97, and was one minute away from beating the current champions in the semi-final last year. “Our goal is always to win, but it can be tough. There are strong teams in Stockholm, Karlstad, Gothenburg, Örebro… there are many good clubs,” says Martin Söderberg, Chair of the club. “But we have teams from age seven and up, and our under-19s were Swedish champions two years ago. So we have great players on the way up.”

All in all, there are around 50 American football clubs in Sweden, and just below 4,000 licensed players. There are currently only five teams in the top league, for which there are strict requirements in terms of arena capacity, stable club finances and more. “Sponsorship deals are invaluable to us in the sense that they mean we don’t have to up the membership fees, we can afford to pay pitch rent and cover the cost of buses for away matches,” Söderberg explains. “Some trips are ten-plus hours one way, so you’re talking a lot of money.”

As things stand, sponsorships represent no more than 15% of Uppsala 86ers’ income, and club members take on a lot of work to bring in funds for the club. That can be anything from helping out as hosts during football matches to building stages at local festivals. “Put simply, we really appreciate any help we can get,” says Söderberg. “With the new licences offered in Sweden, we’ve looked at a few different actors, and we’re happy that SuperLottoClub seem like a serious company, what with the spending cap and all. People enjoy the lotteries, and we can use this money to grow our quality youth activities, so that’s a good collaboration as far as I’m concerned.”

Fun and security first

The idea behind SuperLottoClub has always been to make it easy and secure to enjoy the world’s best lotteries, no matter where in the world you are. The technology behind the lottery syndicate management system has been developed and improved continuously for years, and both transparency and security are top priorities of the business. The same goes for player protection and anti money laundering checks, both of which meet the highest standards. With full UK and Swedish licences, the SuperLottoClub website has been audited to guarantee that it meets all security requirements. Add the unique monthly spending and deposit limit, and you will see why SuperLottoClub is rated as an ethical market player.

The customer services teams at the headquarters in London are always at hand to answer any questions, and now, the business is looking to open an office in Sweden too. With a responsible approach and top-class entertainment as the guiding principles, SuperLottoClub is delighted to be able to support the growth of American football in Sweden.
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