With its vast stretches of untouched nature, snowy peaks and diverse skiing facilities, Sweden is truly a bit of a winter wonderland. Adventures such as dog sledding, treetop getaways and reindeer safaris are just some of the magical elements sure to spellbind grownups and children alike.

For more than a century, travellers have made their way to Sweden to enjoy and explore the Nordic country’s magical winter landscape. Today, the country’s stunning northern lights, unique outdoor activities and peaceful mountainous scenery combine with a well-functioning hospitality sector and the Swedes’ famous knack for blending style and comfort to make for some of the world’s most attractive winter destinations.

With a wide range of downhill pistes and stunning cross-country tracks, the egalitarian attitude that has long defined Swedish society also saturates the country’s winter sports sector. Indeed, whether you are a family off to let the little ones have their first go on skis or a dedicated ski enthusiast looking for new challenges on or off-piste, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Likewise, a wide range of lodgings, from campsite cabins to panorama igloos and luxurious all-inclusive resorts, ensures that everyone will find a match for their taste and budget, whether you are looking to cook your own dinner or dine at a five-star restaurant and soak in a stylish spa.

Combining the above with an ever-increasing focus on sustainability and unique nature experiences, Sweden’s winter tourism has managed to create a wealth of experiences that can be enjoyed in true harmony with nature.

In truth, many destinations in Sweden have succeeded in turning the darkness of winter into the most magical time of the year; in this theme, we explore some of the season’s best offers.

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