How’s that for a headline? For, the Ice & Light Village in Kalix, northern Sweden, it’s right on point. The holiday destination is perfect for anyone in search of a quiet, calm and peaceful break in comfort, with pristine nature and the mighty Kalixälven streaming right outside your doorstep.

Ice & Light Village: This is the place to do absolutely nothing

Sleep with full view of the sky above.
Photo: Elisabeth Gustavsson

With its vast stretches of untouched nature, Northern Sweden has become a prime destination for people looking for magical surroundings – Ice & Light Village provides the perfect accommodation to enjoy it to the fullest. The company was founded in 2018 by Maarit Lindvall. A seasoned travel agent with a lifetime of expertise in the field, her mission was to create a destination with relaxation and the art of doing nothing at its core. ”We want to encourage people to wind down, allowing themselves the space to simply enjoy the surroundings, the nature and the people around you without outside distractions. You’re in the best place for it: our igloo-shaped cottages provide unobstructed views of Kalixälven and the sky above you, with big windows that allow you to enjoy stargazing, and sometimes the marvel of the northern lights, from the comfort of your bed,” says Lindvall.

Ice & Light Village: This is the place to do absolutely nothing

Stay in igloos underneath the starry sky. Photo: Sophia Bergholm

The cottages have been uniquely designed to give an experience of closeness with nature while providing comfort at the highest level, and everything is made using local materials with sustainability in mind at every step. The Ice & Light Village works closely with local producers and restaurants to source food for guests, who receive a breakfast basket every morning and can choose from a number of options for the remaining meals during the day: make a tailored order from local restaurants, cook your own food over the fire or have a chef create a unique selection of local delicacies delivered to your door.

Ice & Light Village: This is the place to do absolutely nothing

Experience the northern light. Photo: Elisabeth Gustavsson

If you need a break from all the relaxing, there’s also a great range of activities to choose from – cross-country skiing, kick-sledding on the ice, dog-sledding, winter fishing, reindeer safaris – or you can enjoy a day tour on the local icebreaker and experience raw nature first hand. ”Everything can be tailored to your liking, and we’re easy to reach from Luleå Airport, only an hour drive away,” says Lindvall and concludes: “But while we provide exciting activities to choose from, our focal point is clear: come here for an indulgent trip of doing nothing, in the company of majestic nature.”

Ice & Light Village: This is the place to do absolutely nothing

Submerged in nature. Photo: Elisabeth Gustavsson


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